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June 21, 1919 Bloody Saturday marks the defeat of the strike.

Fearing the encroachment of in Canada, government authorities were on the alert, especially since North America had experienced its first general in 1919, a strike in Seattle (USA) that lasted five days and briefly paralyzed the city.

After three months of unproductive negotiations between the employers of the Winnipeg Builder's Exchange and the , grouped together under the Building Trades Council, a was launched on May 1, 1919.

Bumsted. J.M. The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. Watson Dwyer Publishing Limited.1994.

As the North West Company floundered under these and other restrictions, the HBC attempted to take it over, but was not successful.[
Winnipeg General Strike
The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 was one of the most influential strikes in Canadian history, and became the platform for future wage labour reforms.
Although many Canadian companies had enjoyed enormous profits on World War I contracts, wages and working conditions were dismal and labour regulations were mostly non-existent.

Bumsted The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919: ..

Winnipeg general strike 1919 essay - Bajwa Agro …

The Winnipeg General Strike has been one of the most intensively studiedepisodes in Canadian history. It was also an important development in the building of thedemocratic socialist movement in Canada. Officially, the strike began at 11:00 a.m. onMay 15, 1919, which was the time appointed by the Winnipeg Trades and Labor Council(Bumsted, 1994). But in the larger sense the General Strike had been building for manyyears before that. A wide set of circumstances contributed to the strike, ranging frominternational to local.

By moving to create the One Big Union, western Canadian unionists had created many enemies for themselves: business, government and the all felt threatened by the OBU. Their main source of strength was the growing conviction among western Canadian workers that they had to pursue their common interests through united unions and united political action. The organizers’ plans for the union would become entangled in the Winnipeg General Strike, which started in mid-May 1919. The would never be able to recover from the defeat of the Winnipeg strike.

Winnipeg general strike 1919 essay - Yoga With Cher

Winnipeg general strike 1919 essay
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In an expanding and socially fractious early twentieth-century Winnipeg, (1873-1957) rose to become the city’s preeminent commercial photographer. Documenting everything from royal visits to deep poverty, from the building of the landmark to the turmoil of the 1919 General Strike, Foote’s photographs have come to be iconic representations of early Winnipeg life. They have been used to illustrate everything from academic histories to posters for rock concerts; they have influenced the work of visual artists, writers, and musicians; and they have represented Winnipeg to the world. But in Imagining Winnipeg, historian Esyllt W. Jones takes us beyond the iconic to reveal the complex artist behind the lens and the conflicting ways in which his photographs have been used to give credence to diverse and sometimes irreconcilable views of Winnipeg’s past. Incorporating 150 stunning photographs from the more than 2,000 images in the Archives of Manitoba Foote Collection, Imagining Winnipeg challenges our understanding of visual history and the city we thought we knew.

The role of newspapers has always been significant in providing information and views of events and in shaping public opinion. In 1919 the behaviour of the press was instrumental in determining the public’s view of the Winnipeg General Strike. What happened with the anti-strike Toronto press was reflective of almost all Canadian daily newspapers; in effect they reported and interpreted the strike, strike leaders, and workers as participating in a Bolshevist-One Big Union plot to overthrow constituted authority. This unproven conspiracy theory was then communicated to readers through a series and combination of circumstances. First, there was a background in Winnipeg of unfriendly relations between the labour paper, The Western Labor News, and the three daily papers. This relationship was exacerbated by the decision of the Central Strike Committee, as articulated by The News’ editor , to close all three Winnipeg papers and instigate press censorship. In closing the city’s newspapers not only did The News but also all strike leaders and workers face the combined wrath of the Manitoba Free Press, The Tribune and The Telegram when they resumed publication. Moreover, their closure indirectly caused the creation of The Citizen, a paper whose very purpose was to defeat the strike. Then, by shutting down Canadian Press (CP) and imposing press censorship, the strikers alienated another news source. While the strikers had no real control over stringers and American press and services, one could argue that the imposition of censorship and curtailing freedom of the daily press was not viewed positively by any of these news groups. Finally, the circuit was complete when the news, filtered through several sources, few of whom if any sympathetic to the strike, reached outside papers and was disseminated to the public. In Toronto, with the exception of The Star, none of the dailies were pro-strike in their editorial outlook, nor had strong credentials to explain labour issues. As a result they did not hesitate to print reports critical of the strikers and the dispute. While editorial writers, news editors and journalists were immediately to blame for this situation, ultimate responsibility rested with the owners and publishers. It was these men who determined the policy of the paper and decided a certain framework in which their staffs were obliged to report and interpret events.

The winnipeg general strike of 1919
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winnipeg general strike of 1919 essay

In April 1919, he was directed by Atkinson to accompany and report on the daily sittings of the eight-man commission headed by . This commission was investigating the state of industrial relations in Canada. The hearings in Winnipeg held between 10 and 13 May narrowly missed the outbreak of the strike. Ironically, during the hearings, on 12 May, Johnson had warned Star readers that a general strike in Winnipeg was imminent. One week later, on orders from The Star’s managing editor, John Bone, Johnson left the Mathers Commission in Sudbury and quickly returned by train to Winnipeg. At noon on 18 May, he arrived in Winnipeg, checked in to the Royal Alexandra Hotel across from the CPR station and soon met with .

The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 is a strike …

This essay has shown the importance of the role of the veteran in the Strike. One cannot look at the Strike as being just an ‘epic labour struggle,’ for the events that happened involved not just the employers and the strikers. The crucial role of the pro-strike and anti-strike veterans can be seen in Bloody Saturday, the climax of the Strike.

Winnipeg General Strike of 1919;

Industrial Bureau, Headquarters of the “Citizens Committee of One Thousand” during the Winnipeg General Strike, June 1919.
Source: , Foote Collection 1688, N2754.

Winnipeg general strike of 1919 essay help

The Winnipeg General Strike, 15 May-25 June 1919, is Canada's best-known general strike. Massive unemployment and inflation, the success of the Russian Revolution in 1917, and rising Revolutionary Industrial Unionism all contributed to the postwar labour unrest that fuelled the landmark strike.

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