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Как важно быть серьезным the importange of being earnest.

Rabelais’s educational philosophy was entirely different from that of the medievalists—his being based on liberty of the pupil, in whom he had maximum faith. In Gargantua this cult of liberty was celebrated in the utopian Abbey of Thélème, where all could live according to their own pleasure but where the love of learning was so great that everyone was dedicated to it—getting much better results than those obtained at the medieval universities. And yet in the education of Gargantua and Pantagruel there were limits placed on liberty: Gargantua’s day started at 4 in the morning; he studied all subjects, both literary and scientific; and this was alternated with play and pleasing diversions. The heavy program, however, was not a constriction because of Gargantua’s delight in learning. The culture that Rabelais wanted for his two heroes was directly connected with the world in which they lived.

The importance of being earnest.

So, nine hours later, our neighbors were at peace again. We are so sorry. They were good natured about it, and we are grateful. And, I am glad it happened I guess. It’s like one of these really important things installed in your house and you don’t know fully how to operate it but take it for granted, like heat or your hot water heater that might have the pilot light go out and you need to know how to reignite the burner. It’s a good learning for us to understand. And I had a story for Billy upon his return. So, it was good all in all. As it turns out there really was a faulty piece, and we are happy it happened now so it hopefully will not happen again. Like I told my neighbors and I really meant it, when and if the electricity goes out in our neighborhood this winter, or on our side of the street which is likely, everyone can come to our house. I mean it.

Пьесы the importange of being earnest.

Как важно быть серьёзным the importance of being earnest.

But now, there is even a newer awareness. Acceptance. Of life as it is. And being OK with that. Being at peace with that. Being… Contented and happy with that. Something about that, It happened in this moment I was driving out the driveway. The driveway has wicked car speed bumps built at an angle which cause you to slowed down to barely a crawl unless you want to have your car wrecked up on the bottom. So, having learned that the first time years ago, it was welded to a memory of dislike. I have never liked to slow down to that less than a crawl requirement. Yet, that day, it wasn’t that way, and that beautiful drive surrounded by nature with the tall barren deciduous trees of January of the East coast on one side of me as I drove and the brown winter fields littered with unkempt briars on the West side, and the beginning snow storm with wet almost frenzied flakes blowing right at me, the moment felt new, and the realization was different.

I’ll close now with telling you something else that happened to the weekend before our big snow. I am driving out of Park School after just dropping off Dutch for his futsol game. I had texted his play drama teacher that he would likely be a few minutes late for the 2 PM practice. I was my way to exchange a Christmas give that didn’t fit one of the kids in the time of the futsal game and headed right back. As I pulled out of the Park School driveway, I was thinking about an exchange of text messages that morning between a friend of Archer’s from the Cape May and his mom about visiting that day. I had spent part of the morning, as is typical for my Sunday mornings, organizing Archer’s week and his social week, and was thinking about the text from four friends who wanted to visit Archer that day but I had to coordinate the times so that they would not be left waiting in the lobby for too long per the KKI strict rules, in the event someone else came to visit whom I did not have notice of which happens a lot and we do not want to discourage in any way. So, my mind was full of ops and minutia. As I pulled out and was thinking about the friend who would be driving a number of hours that day and the last text being that it might not work out after all, and my telling his mom that it was OK and not to feel bad about it, I realized that I was flooded with acceptance of life as it presents.
I had this sort of existential feeling like something extraordinary was happening to me.

Файл как важно быть серьезным - the importance of being

The Importance of being Earnest includes three acts, with seven major characters.

Guarino had first established a school in 1415 in Venice, where he was joined by Vittorino. He subsequently moved to Ferrara where, from 1429 to 1436, he assumed responsibility for the humanist education of the young son of Nicolò d’Este, the lord of Ferrara. Guarino wrote no treatises, but something may be learned about his work and methods from his large correspondence and from De ordine docendi et studendi (1485; “On the Order for Teaching and Studying”), written by his son Battista. Guarino organized his students’ courses into three stages: the elementary level, at which reading and pronunciation were primarily taught, followed by the grammatical level, and finally the highest level, concentrating on rhetoric. The education given in his schools was perhaps the best example of the humanistic ideals, since it underlined the importance of literary studies together with a harmonious development of body and spirit, to the exclusion of any utilitarian purpose.

A famous early humanist and professor of rhetoric at Padua was Pietro Paolo Vergerio (1370–1444). He wrote the first significant exclusively pedagogical treatise, De ingenuis moribus et liberalibus studiis (“On the Manners of a Gentleman and on Liberal Studies”), which—though not presenting any new techniques—did set out the fundamental principles by which education should be guided. He gave pedagogical expression to the ideal of harmony, or equilibrium, found in all aspects of humanism, and underlined the importance of the education of the body as well as of the spirit. The liberal arts were emphasized (“liberal” because of the liberation they reputedly brought). The program outlined by Vergerio focused upon eloquence, history, and philosophy but also included the sciences (mathematics, astronomy, and natural science) as well as medicine, law, metaphysics, and theology. The later subjects were not studied in depth; humanism was by its nature against encyclopaedism, but it brought out the relations between the disciplines and enabled students to know many subjects before they decided in which to specialize. Learning was not to be exclusively from books, and emphasis was placed on the advantages of preparing for social life by study and discussion in common. Vergerio felt that education should not be used as a means of entering the lucrative professions; medicine and law, especially, were looked on with suspicion if one’s aim in studying them was merely that of gaining material advantages.

"The Importance of being Earnest." The Norton Anthology Of English Literature.
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The Importance of Being Earnest - Wikipedia

Froebel’s pedagogical ideas have a mystical and metaphysical context. He viewed man as a child of God, of nature, and of humanity who must learn to understand his own unity, diversity, and individuality, corresponding to this threefold aspect of his being. On the other hand, man must understand the unity of all things (the pantheistic element).

The Importance of Being Earnest Study Guide | GradeSaver

Johann Friedrich Herbart was a contemporary of Froebel and other German Romanticists, but he can hardly be put into the ranks of such pedagogues. During his lifetime his sober, systematic “philosophical realism” found little approval; only posthumously, during the latter half of the 19th century, did his work achieve great importance. He is regarded as one of the founders of theoretical pedagogy, injecting both metaphysics and psychology into the study of how people learn.

SparkNotes: The Importance of Being Earnest: Context

[The intuition of truth which we may draw from the earnest and deep-rooted conviction of many conscientious people who are sure that there is absolute contingency in their deliberate choices is] the inadequacy of the conscious arguments crowding and disputing in the mind to cause or justify the decisions taken. With this comes also the intuition of a positive truth, that beneath that loud forum of sophistical pleadings there is a silent judge, the self, that decides according to its free will, contingently, and inexplicably. For the close texture of events in nature is what it is by chance; yet what it is by chance determines, according to the occasion offered, what it shall do by nature. The affinities of this self are far more constant and certain than the passing passions or influences that may absorb conscious attention. Therefore the self can check its reasoning fancy; it can repel sensuous suggestions; it can seek dangerous adventures apparently without reason; it can recover its freedom, and reverse its habits and opinions. Moreover, this hidden self is, like every other centre or kind of movement in nature, perfectly contingent in being groundlessly determinate; and to this profound characteristic of all existence self-consciousness bears witness in the conviction that a man is the author of his actions, and that his actions are free.

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

Did you know that merely closing your eyes increases your alpha wavelengths in the brain immediately? Alpha waves are what increase our creativity, or well-being. So, imagine, closing your eyes and taking a good belly breath and then focusing on whatever it is that is hard. Do that right now, just close your eyes while you are awake and conscious. That’s what Archer is doing and that is what I am doing too. The breath, and closing your eyes. Try it. We know how important our breath is, Ready…. Breathe in a good belly breath filling your body and then yielding to the natural release of your exhale. Do that a couple or so times and then close your eyes on one or two of those breaths. When our alpha waves increase, we are much more present and centered, and our brains are more suited to calm and problem solving. And there is a direct correlation with productivity. I am convinced Archer is being aided by breath practice and closing his eyes. And wait til you see what he has produced after this crazy week on his Snail project. We all can be.

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