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P2: The complexity of the Universe shows evidence of design;

The more the complexity of the universe is advocated or presented by the promoters of the intelligent design argument as a supposed indication of intelligence at work, then the more it works against the conclusion that there must be an intelligent designer.

The teleological argument moves to the conclusion that there must exist a designer.

After an overview of intelligent design and its intellectual context, Why Intelligent Design Fails moves on to biological claims concerning common descent, and the arguments of Michael Behe. Contributors show how the notion of "irreducible complexity" does not challenge Darwinian evolution, explaining how mainstream science comfortably accounts for examples of biochemistry, bacterial flagella, and bird wings.

The Case Against The Design Argument - Big Issue Ground

‘This proof always deserves to be mentioned with respect’: Immanuel Kant.

Paley believed that just as watches, which exhibit complexity, design and purpose in order to tell the time for us, have watchmakers, the world, which has complexity and the purpose of sustaining life has a worldmaker – designer God. Include Paley on Design qua purpose (eye) and Design qua regularity (rotation of the planet – Newton’s Laws of Motion).

Just as a watch, with its intelligent design and complex function must have been created by an intelligent maker: a watchmaker, the universe, with all its complexity and greatness, must have been created by an intelligent and powerful creator.

The Nothing-to-Hide Argument – My Essay’s 10th …

Still exposes the  five-year plan to replace the naturalistic methodology of science with the theistic alternative of

If the many worlds hypothesis were true, then that would present a problem for the argument from design. For the argument from design claims that it is unlikely that there exists a universe fit for habitation by chance. The more universes there are, the more likely it is that one of them will support life. Given an infinite number of universes, instantiating every possible state of affairs, it is certain that life will exist somewhere.

If the many worlds hypothesis is true, then it completely undermines the argument from design. If we are ready to endorse the many worlds hypothesis, then we can reject the argument from design. How plausible, though, is the many worlds hypothesis? Is this too high a price to pay for unbelief? In my opinion, the claim that every possible state of affairs is realised in one of an infinite number of parallel universes is far less plausible than the claim that God exists. I can believe the latter; I cannot believe the former. I therefore cannot reject the argument from design based on this objection. The apparent fine-tuning of the universe for life does seem to me to be powerful evidence that it was purposefully created with life in mind.

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Critique of Intelligent Design - Talk Reason

Creationists " designate some particular configuration of the system as 'special,' such as 'those molecules in the corner' or 'the existence of life on Earth,' and say 'Wow, things must have been set up in the beginning exactly so that this configuration will occur!'"

Hume s Argument from Design Essay - 1538 Words

If the values of the physical constants of our universe were even slightly different, life could not exist. Some have argued that the fact that life does exist thus provides strong evidence that God fine-tuned these values to allow life to emerge. According to the fine-tuning argument, the existence of a life-permitting universe is very improbable on naturalism, but not so on theism. However, we have no way of determining the probability or improbability of actualizing a life-permitting universe on naturalism, for we can only compare our universe against the infinitesimally small subset of other possible universes —not the infinite set of all other possible universes.

Essay on The Argument from Design, by William Paley

Kelly responds to Craig's article, arguing that the Weak Anthropic Principle "makes it clear that the mere improbability of our own universe is not evidence for divine design."

Design Arguments for the Existence of God

Surveys some of the natural explanations for apparent "fine-tuning" in the laws of physics and evaluates claims that science points to the existence of God.

Design arguments are empirical arguments for the existence of God

The key premise of the fine-tuning argument for the existence of God is the alleged improbability of the physical constants taking on values that fall within the narrow life-friendly range. In this paper Aron Lucas examines whether this improbability alone is enough to ground a successful theistic argument from design. He concludes that the fine-tuning proponent is impaled on the horns of a trilemma: he can either reject the argument for having a false premise, reject it for being circular, or accept it at the cost of rejecting the moral argument for the existence of God.

Hume’s Argument from Design - Essay - …

In response to this effort, individual scientists and philosophers of science have provided substantive critiques of "intelligent design," demonstrating significant conceptual flaws in its formulation, a lack of credible scientific evidence, and misrepresentations of scientific facts.

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