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an essay by Spongebob Squarepants - YouTube

On a side note – I did a body image workshop with my Girl Scout troop when they were in 6/7th grade and gave them imagery of what society/celebrities want them to look like and what real women look like. The most heartening statement came from one sweetheart who said, when pointing out a photo of happy women from a “plus size” catalog, but this is what real women look like – what’s wrong with the world?

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Yeah, looking at the picture it would seem obvious that the kids mom went to a lot of trouble to make her look cute. So what kind of comments does she think people will think of first. Oh she looks very intelligent I wonder what books she reads. No I don’t think moms should dress their girls like boys but let’s face the fact that this is complicated.

spongebob squarepants writes essay - YouTube

The males are the showier ones; that doesn’t mean their female counterparts are not pretty. Either way we have gotten a bit off topic.

I agree. I remember Oprah telling the story abt a woman (teacher maybe?) who told her she was a pretty little thing and how that had such an impact on her. She was only 5 or so and had not been told that before. It gave her hope that she was worthy of love and a future… I don’t believe that looks are the only thing to praise but it isn’t the negative this article leads us to believe…

I completely agree with Kathy – I have three daughters, and believe me, I will go to the ends of the earth to ensure they are valued for their brain, their interests and what positive contributions they can bring to the world, as I agree with the article that these are of utmost importance. However, I see nothing at all wrong with paying a compliment to my daughter when she has mastered choosing a nice outfit or brushed her hair into a nice braid (that she has been working very hard to master!). Of course we want to raise self-confident daughters who are sure of themselves inside and out, and by myself and my husband telling them we, as their parents, think they are beautiful, by no means does them a disservice. It is just another way we show them how loved, valued, and appreciated they are, both inside and out. It’s all about balance and moderation – don’t focus on ONLY the outside, or ONLY the inside. They are whole people, beautiful and intelligent, inside and out.

Spongebob writes an essay full episode - …

They–boys and girls– I have one of each need to learn they are not judged on appearance and/or weight. They have many more attributes.

Enjoyed reading the original article. I have 2 (grown) daughters. I have a question – some children are NOT either attractive or Sport-able or clever or amazingly talented in some other area. They are average. They look a bit ugly sometimes or neat, have long or short hair, neatly done or messy. Their achievements are mediocre and their dreams are pretty middle of the road. So – what do you say to thse girls? I have an answer too. You say very little. But anything you DO say is geared towards opening their mind a little. Inspiring a dream. Raising expectations. As an earlier writer said, each of these aspects are important and blinkered focus on only one is unbalanced. Its a good idea to become accustomed to inviting wider response from any individual. Remember, every word or action is a seed. Whatever you choose to say, remember that you are shaping their future – and your own. Encourage. Support. Build. You don’t have to be Special to be special to someone.

Although I agree with you that little girls should be praised more for their finer qualities, I also believe that they should be complemented when they are looking good.
I grew up to be an international model with a very firm head on my shoulder and no eating disorder whatsoever , because my parents taught me , that beauty is not just how you look but it is also about who you are. I was complimented about my looks all my life but was still an A grade student who did volunteer work in her spare time.
This is what I am trying to inculcate in my 5 year old daughter. I tell her everyday , she is beautiful, she can achieve everything that she sets her mind to do, when she works hard .She is praised for her helpfulness, when she shares, her empathy and her thoughtfulness. She is amongst top 5% high achieving students in her grade and still thinks she is a pretty princess.
As parents, aunts and uncle we need to make them confident individuals and like it or not , we are all judged from the beginning on how we look. I believe give them so much self confidence and support that when they go out to face the world , no matter what anyone says and does , they still believe in their own selves.

Many times, what children come to believe about themselves isn’t learned by what we say. It is learned by what we don’t say.
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Spongebob writes essay episode - …

I do this. I run a small dc in my home that happens to be all girls. I am a mother of 4 boys, how did this happen? All the girls are different in so many ways. There are of course common interests, they share common ideal. However, I know what their favorite book is. We read daily, several times so they know my passion for reading. They love it when I take notice. If I noticed first without them announcing that they are wearing new socks, got their ears pierced, have pink clips in their hair. They all (even though one wears Tomas the train shoes) get excited about new shoes.

Spongebob writes an essay episode - Yoga With Cher

This was a wonderful concept that I hope catches. It is true, that we do focus one what we see “cute” or “pretty” in a girl and we loose sight on what we really want from our girls and how we really want us to feel about them.

Spongebob writes an essay episode

My daughter is never allowed to watch broadcast TV, and only watches what I select and approve of, in videos and On-Demand. This doesn’t make her a ‘weirdo’ by any means! She is attractive, reads at a 4th grade level, plays sports and the piano, is popular with both the boys and girls in her grade and is in every way a normal 7-yr-old. But as a family, we have never-ever discussed how people look, only how they behave (are they nice, shy, bratty, talkative, etc. ). You can’t be influenced by this terrible way of thinking if you are not aware of it.

Spongebob Writes An Essay Full Episode - COMARSA

Parents need to have more control over what their kids watch on TV, read, hear (limit them to only hanging around kids and adults who are not discussing these topics in front of them) and in all other ways be a more in-tune parent.

Spongebob Writes An Essay Full Episode

Here is another problem with this subject. Everyone is trying to fix the image issue by pushing the idea that every image should be considered beautiful. But what they should focus on is the commonly believed goal for a girl in the society. As long as, we keep thinking that the purpose of a girls life is to find a mate, and have family, then all elements which feeds to that agenda stay important, such as beauty, weight, look, etc. But if we start to define the purpose of a girl’s life not to be able to attract the best male mate, but just to be a person on her own, then those requirements for attracting others which leads to image, fashion, and appearance requirement become irrelevant. So, the problem is not the unjust desire of society for physical beauty, it is because of what women, still in 21st century, believe as their purpose in life.

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