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The French empire in Southeast Asia

Howard Jones, Crucible of Power: A History of American Foreign Relations from 1897 (Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 2001, p. 292. An earlier version of the “domino theory” was written into National Security Council memorandum 64, adopted February 27, 1950, which stated that “the threat of Communist aggression against Indochina is only one phase of anticipated communist plans to seize all of Southeast Asia.”

Political Corruption and Insecurity in Southeast Asia

Wells, The War Within, pp. 420-21, 423; and Philip Warden, “Percy Blasts ‘Misguided’ War Expansion in Southeast Asia,” Chicago Tribune, May 9, 1970, p. 1.

The Things I Did WRONG in Southeast Asia | …

Roxanna Brown, 'History of shipwreck excavation in Southeast Asia', , Seabed Explorations New Zealand Ltd, 2004,

There were people in the U.S. State Department, such as Abbot Low Moffat, head of the Division of Southeast Asia, who understood the intense nationalism of the Vietnamese people and could see through the imperial fictions, but their views were subordinate to those of higher authorities, particularly Secretary of State Acheson and President Truman. Acheson was of the view that all communist movements, political parties, leaders, and liberation armies were part of a global conspiracy directed by Moscow. Although his own department found no evidence of Moscow’s controlling hand in Vietnam (after three years of searching), Acheson claimed a collusion by virtue of both adhering to “Commie Doctrine.” Moffat traveled to Hanoi and met with Ho in December 1946. He reported to Acheson that Ho might be a communist, but he was first and foremost a nationalist seeking to establish an independent national state. Moffat maintained that “the majority of natives stoutly maintain that Ho Chi Minh is the man, and the only one, who represents them and they will oppose the putting forward of any other candidate as the creation of but another puppet.” His message fell on deaf ears.

tentative date of the Cirebon (aka Nan Han) wreck in Indonesia, apparently bound for Central or Eastern Java. The site was 40m square, and the ship of lashed-lug Southeast Asian construction, carrying ceramics from China, Thailand, Vietnam & Persia, Chinese bronze mirrors and Indonesian bronze statues, Middle Eastern glass vessels and swords, and artefacts of Egyptian origin. Finds include pearls, rubies, sapphires, garnets, gold jewellery, Fatimid rock crystal, Iranian glassware, and 2 tons of lapis lazuli. Chinese ceramics made up 75% of the cargo volume, and include many pieces of imperial quality. Lead coins on the Cirebon wreck were from the Demesne of Nan Han, around Guangzhou, 917-971 CE. One bowl had a date thought to equate to 968CE.

The Things I Did RIGHT in Southeast Asia | …

Ligaya S.P. Lacsina, 'Traditional island Southeast Asian watercraft in Philippine archaeological sites',

The American War in Vietnam was mainly fought in the South. The U.S. bombed North Vietnam heavily but did not send in U.S. troops, as this would likely have triggered Chinese intervention and a wider war, as noted in a CIA estimate in July 1965. Moreover, writes the international relations scholar John W. Garver, “A Sino-American war fought on the Southeast Asian peninsula would probably have facilitated the growth of communist power in Thailand, Burma, the Philippines, and Malaysia. China would have spared no efforts to outflank the United States by supporting insurgencies elsewhere in Southeast Asia.”

Pierre-Yves Manguin, 'Southeast Asian shipping in the Indian Ocean during the first millennium AD', in Himanshu P. Ray and J.-F. Salles, editors, . Lyon and New Delhi: Manohan (Maison de l'Orient Mediterraneen/NISTADS), 1996, pp.181-198.

The  of Ptolemy, who was based in Alexandria, includes details of places in Sri Lanka, India (incl. Coromandel coast) and Southeast Asia.
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The Irrawaddy - Covering Burma and Southeast Asia

Longing for the Past: The 78 rpm Era in Southeast Asia is the first survey of the 78 rpm record era in Southeast Asia. It is a kaleidoscopic collection featuring 4 CDs with 90 tracks of music spanning six decades (1905-1966), accompanied by a 272-page book with essays and annotations by leading ethnomusicologists that is richly illustrated with more than 250 vintage photographs, record labels, and sleeves.

Covering Myanmar and Southeast Asia News ..

Digitalisation can foster continued growth in Emerging Asia (the ten member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, China and India) over the medium term, according to the OECD Development Centre’s Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2018 (preliminary version).

Research Essay on Southeast Asia - 879 Words | Cram

During the reign of [boy emperor] Pingdi, Chinese officials were sent to several South Asian countries to 'spread the power and virtue' of the Han Emperor and search for precious objects.

A rhinoceros was offered to the Chinese emperor by Huangzhi, identified as Kanchipura (Conjeveram) in southeast India.

Southeast Asian Crossroads Essay

C1st cloth, peppercorns and coconuts from India have been found at the Roman port of Berenike in Egypt, along with undated beads from Southeast Asia, and teak from India or Burma which may be recycled ships' timbers.
Roman coin finds in India are predominantly in the south and suggest the use of an overland route from the Malabar to the Coromandel coast. The coins all have gold or silver content, and are predominantly from the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius (14-37 CE) - the two sound-money emperors. Fewer ships sailed around south India, but C1st Roman coins were found at Kadmat in the Lakshadweep islands.

Roman amphorae and other artefacts found at Pattanam in Kerala may represent the trading port of Muziris, which flourished C1st BCE toC5th CE.

Arikamedu near Pondicherry in southeast India was a thriving port, peaking in 23-96 CE (the Roman trade between 30 & 50 CE), and a permanent base for western merchants known in Indian literature as . Excavations show trade in pepper, pearls, gems, muslins, tortoise shell, ivory and silk; and from the west coral, lead, tin, glass, vases, lamps, wine and coins.

Tamil literature describes Kaverippumppattinam as an important trade port on the Coromandel coast with a huge warehouse; the king's tiger emblem was stamped on incoming and outgoing goods to certify payment of duty.

Essay about Southeast Asia - 1508 Words - StudyMode

Purported envoys of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius arrived in China by sea. They came from Rinan in central Vietnam, landed at Guangzhou, and proceeded to Luoyang, where they presented ivory, rhinoceros horn and hawksbill turtle to the Chinese emperor. The court thought the gifts ordinary, but agreed that the two great powers should establish official diplomatic and trading relations.
A gold medallion of Marcus Aurelius' predecessor Antoninus Pius dated 152 CE has been unearthed at Oc Eo, the main port of Funan in southern Vietnam, which flourished between the 1st and 6th centuries - especially after strife disrupted caravans across central Asia in the C2nd-3rd. The alternative land-sea route involved maritime sections from the Middle East to northwest India, across the Bay of Bengal to the Isthmus of Kra, across the Gulf of Thailand to Funan, and from Funan to China. Other C2nd-3rd finds at Oc Eo include Roman coins, Indian seals, and jewellery. At around the same time, a commercial centre developed at Ko-ying in the Sunda Straits; Malay seamen brought spices and forest products to Funan.

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