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Rong-chang - ESL: English as a Second Language

American English (and most other varieties of English) has on each syllable of a word, primarystress, secondary stress, or no stress. Only one syllable in the word can haveprimary stress, and this is the syllable that is pronounced with the greatestintensity or loudness. The other syllables can have either secondary stress orno stress. An example is the word “”, pronounced .This word has 8 syllables, divided with hyphens as .It has one syllable with primary stress, , marked with bold and underline in the dictionaryspelling and with before it in the IPA. It hasthree syllables with secondary stress, syllables 1, 3, and 7, marked with boldin the dictionary spelling and with before themin the IPA, and four with no stress, syllables 2, 4, 6, and 8. As is true withmany words in English, especially long ones, every other syllable is weak(unstressed).

ESL: English as a Second Language by Dr

(clip at 46:03) () When he sings he often partially suppresses his southern accent, but when he talks he has a pristine Inland Southern accent! He was a member of the Inspirations quartet, which started out in 1964 as a quartet of 4 high school students from Bryson City, and became nationally famous! Here’s an early clip, while his singing style still retained some traces of Inland Southern: .

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The Children Day : Essays - English for Students

(He talks for the first six minutes of the clip.) () Linguist and Pittsfield native R. Locke wrote in to say that Gary Kitmacher really is representative of Pittsfield, and that is not. He also sent in the Turk Wendell clip below. I am glad, since Ruberto’s accent had really messed up my map! Pittsfield is now firmly back in the Northwestern New England area.

Originally I had posted this as a sample for Walter Brennan. However, contributor Shirley Tessler wrote: “I looked at the YouTube video of Walter Brennan that you provide as an example of a Lynn Massachusetts dialect. Lynn is my home town. Although Mr. Brennan was born in Lynn, he is speaking as an actor in that YouTube video in a dialect of an unschooled farmer from Texas (or similar location very far from Lynn Mass). I suggest that you no longer point to the Walter Brennan video, since it is not a true example of a Lynn dialect.”

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Academic English for International University Students

I am a professional linguist and a Christian missionary,working in indigenous Amerindian languages. My work has nothing to do withEnglish, so that is why this project is just a hobby.

The interesting point isthat this is actually a statusaccent here, although regarded as a “hillbilly” accent in the East. When Imoved to Texas 30 years ago and decided to adopt a slightly more local “voice”in my law practice, this was the accent I adopted -- it was the dialect of thesenior lawyers and judges, oil men, and others with whom I wanted tocommunicate. Many of them came from wealthier ranching families in centralTexas and settled in Houston as the first post-war generation of professionalsand white-collar business people. I suspect this is a somewhat dated statusdistinction today, but that dialect still tends to receive something similar tothe automatic credence which an educated English accent used to get in thenortheast.

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Collection of Sample Essays and English Speeches for kids

(Oops, I had accidentally put the wrong clip in here, one of Jimmy Martin from Tennessee, as contributors Marc Sketchler, Daniel Veals, and Janet Schexnayder pointed out to me. Thanks! I know I had a great clip from James Carville, but I have no record of what it was. No sweat, he’s a political commentator, there’s a million more out there. I just had to pick another one!)

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If you grew up in one particular place in Canada or theU.S., then I would very much like a sample from you. In particular, if youlived in one town for most of your childhood, in particular between the ages of5 and 15, and speak like people from that place, then you should be a greatsample. (That is, unless you tried to consciously change your accent afterthat: I know a gal who moved from the South to the Midland before her senioryear of high school, and she was subjected to so much ridicule that shecompletely changed her way of speaking.) And obviously, if you moved around alot throughout your childhood, then you won’t really work for my map.

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In stressed syllables (whether primary or secondary) all ofthe Stressed Vowels in the chart above can occur, but in completely unstressedsyllables (weak syllables) in English a phenomenon called occurs. As a result, mostof the vowels in these syllables are weakened or neutralized to the vowel ,and the rest of the vowels are weakened or neutralized to a very small group,listed under “Other Vowels that Can Occur in Weak (Completely Unstressed)Syllables” above. This vowel weakening is a characteristic of English inparticular (though it does occur in other languages as well), but it does notoccur at all in some languages, like Spanish, which makes it especially hardfor English speakers to speak good Spanish or vice versa, since they are eachalways subconsciously trying to apply their own pattern to the other language.

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The answer to this one is a bit less complicated, but againthe answer is not based on the traditional English alphabet. Most Englishspeakers have 24. (The sound, which is usually spelled inEnglish, is really just a combination of followedby , and was spelled this way in . Most English speakers no longer have thissound, though I and many other older speakers do in many parts of NorthAmerica, and in certain regions, particularly the South, nearly all speakersdo.)

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He only drops about half of his droppable r’s (the ones not preceding a vowel), but otherwise he has a typical Eastern New England accent. () The previous site, now dead, had said that he was from Hampden (right next to Bangor ), but Kathy informed me that he actually grew up in Tenants Harbor before high school.

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