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Alexander Humboldt in the 'forties gave a verbal foundation to the development of scientific knowledge, starting from" the different degrees of pleasure induced by contemplation of nature". But this indeed is merely an "ideological aberration" which he himself exposes by recognising the importance of the mathematical and physical sciences for the welfare of states. By his whole practical activity he rejects the theory of "contemplative bourgeois science".

Two, is the impact of science on the thought processes of the European intellectual....

On the other hand, ecophilosophy is understood as the science whose object of study is the essence and nature of the socio-natural environment, its quantitative and qualitative properties and the causal dependence between the anthroposphere and biosphere....

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The evolution from looking strictly at history, to applying natural science research methods to the stratified version of research methods now utilized in the social sciences has progressed organically over time.

If we take the example of part of science that is medicine, we can know that there are different source of knowledge such as personal experience of our won bodies, observation of others, our families, friends" you do look ill", popular culture, bad cough and complementary health practice such as "holistic medicine." Medical knowledge of the general practitioner, we expect the doctor to have access to expert knowledge....

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It is not necessary to look forward to see the outcomes of science as they are upon us now.

Another theological development that may have facilitated the rise ofscience was the Condemnation of Paris (1277), which forbade teachingand reading natural philosophical views that were consideredheretical, such as Aristotle’s physical treatises. As a result,the Condemnation opened up intellectual space to think beyond ancientGreek natural philosophy. For example, medieval philosophers such asJohn Buridan (fl. 14th c) held the Aristotelian belief thatthere could be no vacuum in nature, but once the idea of a vacuumbecame plausible, natural philosophers such as Evangelista Torricelli(1608–1647) and Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) could experimentwith air pressure and vacua (see Grant 1996, for discussion).

every man, both from a deriv’d corruption, innate and born withhim, and from his breeding and converse with men, is very subject toslip into all sorts of errors … These being the dangers in theprocess of humane Reason, the remedies of them all can only proceedfrom the real, the mechanical, the experimental Philosophy[experiment-based science]. (1665, cited in Harrison 2009: 5)

This is why science education is important to the future of our lives and our planet.
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The co-operation of policy and science is vital in making policy-data available, in performing analyses, in evolving new theories, and in developing assessments, since the outcomes of these processes can be deemed as policy-supporting evidence....

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This message not only suggests that policy makers widely accept the paradigm shift from (less adaptive and responsible) „traditional” to science-based policy making, but also creates new challenges for the scientists.

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"A salutuary reaction against Darwin's speculations has begun," declares O. Hertwig. "It is necessary to exclude Darwin from the series of scientific theories . . . . Darwinism has perished ingloriously," declares the Kantian Jakob von Uexküll. Eminent biologists declare that, despite the development of science, "the gap between living and non-living nature, instead of gradually closing up, has rather become deeper and wider".

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In the period when capitalism had passed into the latest stage of its development, imperialism, in conditions of the growth of reaction among the bourgeoisie in its struggle against the working class and the colonial peoples, with the flourishing of reactionary trends in philosophy, science and art, the new data discovered by biology and eloquent of its factual progress, have brought about a crisis of theoretical thinking in the sciences of the organic world.

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Often, it makes people assume that this idea must be objectively true, and will necessarily be more right than a theory that doesn’t have the backing of “science.” While in many cases, objective science really does produce better results than mere conjecture, there have also been influential movements in history that were justified by “science,” but which we see today as unjustifiable....

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The net result of scientific findings since the seventeenth centuryhas been that God was increasingly pushed into the margins. Thisencroachment of science on the territory of religion happened in twoways: first, scientific findings—in particular from geology andevolutionary theory—challenged and replaced biblical accounts ofcreation. While the doctrine of creation does not contain details ofthe mode and timing of creation, the Bible was regarded asauthoritative. Second, the emerging concept of scientific laws inseventeenth- and eighteenth-century physics seemed to leave no roomfor special divine action. These two challenges will be discussedbelow, along with proposed solutions in the contemporary science andreligion literature.

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