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One advantage of Hick's position is that it undermines arationale for religious conflict. If successful, this approachwould offer a way to accommodate diverse communities and undermine whathas been a source of grave conflict in the past.

Religion influence many aspects of day to day issues such as life choices, dress, and education....

Do religions impose similar requirements on profit-making activities? Many do. For example, Judaism imposes a range of religious rules on the conduct of business, requiring honesty in all business dealings, closing for the Sabbath, and (according to at least some authorities) refraining from providing others materials that are harmful to human health, such as tobacco. The Talmud, a sacred Jewish text, actually suggests that the first question asked in the afterlife is “have you been honorable in business?”

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How would the argument so far throw light on recent conflicts over matters of religious freedom?

Religious Issues The Constitution made no reference to religious liberties of United States citizens during ratification of states; the Bill of Rights does address religious freedom but over the past decade the conflict betw...

Who has the burden of proof in a debate between a theist and anatheist? Antony Flew (1984) thinks it is the theist. By his lights,the theist and atheist can agree on a whole base line of truths (suchas the findings of the physical sciences). The question thenbecomes, Why go any further? Flew wields a version ofOckham's razor, arguing that if one has no reason to go further, onehas reason not to go further. (As it happens, Flew has subsequentlyclaimed that there are good reasons for going beyond the naturalworld, and he is currently a theist; see Flew 2008.) His challenge hasbeen met on various fronts, with some critics claiming that Flew'sburden of proof argument is wedded to an outmoded foundationalism,that any burden of proof is shared equally by atheists and theists, orthat the theist has an array of arguments to help shoulder a greaterburden of proof. The position of fideism is a further option. Fideismis the view that religious belief does not require evidence and thatreligious faith is self-vindicating. Karl Barth (1886–1968)advocated a fideistic philosophy. (For a critical assessment offideism, see Moser 2010, chapter 2.) Hick and Plantinga need not beconsidered fideists because of the high role each gives to experience,coherence, and reflection.

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The fact that acts of conscience may sometimes have to be curbed does not mean that in these cases there is a ‘conflict of rights’. Just as there is a right to free speech but no right not to be offended, so there is a right not to be harmed and to equal treatment, but no right to harm or to discriminate. This is essential to protect religious freedom. An atheist bar-owner should have no right, whatever his conscience may say, to bar people of faith, any more than a Christian bar-owner has the right to bar gays. Such curbs on acts of conscience simply mean that we live not alone on a desert island but together in a crowded society.

In the employment discrimination context, we have no problem finding that businesses can hold and act upon subjective beliefs about race, sex, sexual orientation, and even religion—and if businesses are found so to act, state and federal laws often hold them liable for discrimination. There is no principled basis for saying that for-profit businesses can form and act upon subjective beliefs about all of these other matters (and about religion, when discriminating), but cannot form and act upon beliefs about religion in other ways.

The practice of all three religions still today in countless countries proves the importance of this history.
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Modern ideas of freedom and tolerance are usually seen, particularly in the West, as having derived from Locke. In fact they draw upon both Locke and Spinoza. The US First Amendment owes much to Spinoza’s conception of freedom. Even in Europe, where freedom of expression is construed in narrower terms, Spinoza’s influence remains important, if unacknowledged. However, despite the broadening of the conception of liberty and tolerance, the idea that freedom of religion is a special freedom, an idea that derives primarily from Locke, remains entrenched.

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Today, we live in very different world from that in which concepts of religious freedom first developed. Religion is no longer the crucible within which political and intellectual debates take place. Questions of freedom and tolerance are not about how the dominant religious establishment should respond to dissenting religious views, but about the degree to which society should tolerate, and the law permit, speech and activity that might be offensive, hateful, harmful to individuals or undermine national security. We can now see more clearly that religious freedom is not a special kind of liberty but one of a broader set of freedoms. If we were think about religious freedom from first principles today, it would not have a special place compared to other forms of freedom of conscience, belief, assembly or action.

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Under federal law, a religious “exercise” is simply acting or abstaining from acting based on a religious belief. Both the Free Exercise Clause and RFRA protect a wide variety of actions and abstentions as religious exercises, from refusing to send one’s children to public schools, to selling religious literature on public streets, to refraining from working on tank turrets. The key to determining whether these behaviors qualify as “religious exercises” is whether they are performed for religious reasons.

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Most philosophy of religion in the west has focused on differentversions of theism. Ancient philosophy of religion wrestled with thecredibility of monotheism and polytheism in opposition to skepticismand very primitive naturalistic schemes. For example, Platoargued that the view that God is singularly good should be preferred tothe portrait of the gods that was articulated in Greek poetictradition, according to which there are many gods, often imperfect andsubject to vice and ignorance. The emergence and development ofJudaism, Christianity, and Islam on a global scale secured thecentrality of theism for philosophical enquiry, but the relevance of aphilosophical exploration of theism is not limited to those interestedin these religions and the cultures in which they flourish. Whiletheism has generally flourished in religious traditions amid religiouspractices, one may be a theist without adopting any religion whatever,and one may find theistic elements (however piecemeal) in Confucianism,Hinduism, some versions of Mahayana Buddhism, as well as in thereligions of some smaller scale societies. The debate over theismalso has currency for secular humanism and religious forms of atheismas in Theravada Buddhist philosophy. Consider first thephilosophical project of articulating theism and then the philosophy ofdivine attributes.

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