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Over 80% of the respondents who reported being attracted to clients did offer one or more characteristics. The 997 descriptive items were sorted into 19 content categories presented in order of frequency as . Male and female therapists' responses were fairly balanced proportionately for all of the categories except two. "Physical attractiveness" was mentioned far more often by men (209 times) than by women (87 times), and "successful" was mentioned more often by women (27 times) than by men (6 times).

Men around the world are more interested in women whoare youthful and physically attractive.

The mental health professions, despite the citations mentioned above, seem to shy away from dealing in an honest, open way with the phenomenon of sexual attraction to clients. Yet, it should be, in our opinion, a central issue in the training of psychotherapists. In addition, the distinctly negative view regarding attraction to clients has led many therapists to develop what Tower (1956) termed "countertransference anxieties." These anxieties have affected the ways in which therapists relate to their patients and conduct therapy. For example, Thompson (1950) stated that "because of the stress on the unfortunate aspects of the analyst’s involvement, the feeling grew that even a genuine objective feeling of friendliness on his part was to be suspected. As a result many of Freud’s pupils became afraid to be simply human and show the ordinary friendliness and interest a therapist customarily feels for a patient. In many cases, out of a fear of showing counter-transference, the attitude of the analyst became stilted and unnatural" (for additional discussion of this issue, see ).

Free physical attraction papers, essays, and research papers.

Men value opposite-sex physical attractiveness more than women (Feingold, 1990, 91)

Studies of interpersonal attraction have concluded that people are attracted mostly to those that they find physically attractive and who are geographically close.

ABSTRACT: Although we currently possess considerable information about the incidence and consequences of sexually intimate relationships between psychotherapists and clients, there is virtually no documentation of the extent to which psychotherapists are sexually attracted to clients, how they react to and handle such feelings, and the degree to which their training is adequate in this regard. Feelings toward clients are generally relegated to vague and conflicting discussions of countertransference, without benefit of systematic research. Survey data from 575 psychotherapists reveal that 87% (95% of men, 76% of women) have been sexually attracted to their clients, at least on occasion, and that, although only a minority (9.4% of men and 2.5% of women) have acted out such feelings, many (63%) feel guilty, anxious, or confused about the attraction. About half of the respondents did not receive any guidance or training concerning this issue, and only 9% reported that their training or supervision was adequate. Implications for the development of educational resources to address this subject are discussed.

FREE Physical Attractiveness Essay - Example Essays

Physical attractiveness is the physical traits which are perceived and believed to be aesthetically pleasing or beautiful.

We have begun to explore instances in which a psychologist acts out a sexual attraction to a client and thus violates the prohibition. But, especially in terms of research, we know virtually nothing about the attraction itself. What seems to cause this attraction? How frequently does it occur among all therapists, not just those who become sexually intimate with their clients? Do therapists feel uncomfortable, guilty, or anxious when they notice such attraction? Do they tell their clients? Do they consult with their colleagues? Why do therapists refrain from acting out this attraction (in cases when they do refrain)? In what instances is it useful and beneficial to the therapy? In what instances is it harmful or an impediment? Do therapists believe that their graduate training provided adequate education regarding attraction to clients?

Social psychologists have studied affiliation and interpersonal attraction, mate selection, and relationship satisfaction. Not surprisingly, research indicates that males and females think differently about relationships. Some of these differences include comfort with relationship intimacy and physical contact, perceptions of attractiveness, reasons for mate selection, and the role of emotion within relationships (Crisp & Turner, 2014). For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources and research two articles related to either gender and affiliation or gender and attraction. Consider how gender may relate to affiliation and attraction and whether or not you agree with the articles you selected.

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Physical Attraction Free Essays - Free Essay Examples …

It may by that we are attracted to a particular person or a social relationship because we find them pleasant or because we find life alone unpleasant or unrewarding....

He wanted to let you know that physical attraction isn't everything

Post by Day 4 a brief explanation of how gender might affect two of the following: friendship, attraction, entering a relationship, or relationship satisfaction. Then explain whether you agree or disagree with the research you selected regarding gender and relationships and why. Be specific and use the current literature to support your response.

Attraction: Love and Physical Attractiveness Essay | …

Taken as a whole, the literature indicates that the failure to acknowledge and examine countertransference blocks its therapeutic potential and unleashes its destructive effects. Consequently, to the degree that sexual attraction is considered countertransference, it is particularly regrettable when training systems fail to promote the acknowledgment and examination of this phenomenon. Interestingly, this psychodynamic conceptualization of the client’s attraction to the therapist as transference, the therapist’s attraction to the client as countertransference, and the necessity of avoiding a therapist-client "love affair" so that the transference can be adequately handled and the treatment can continue, found their way into our legal standards. In Zipkin v. Freeman (1968), a female plaintiff had been referred to a psychiatrist for treatment of headaches and diarrhea. According to court records, the symptoms were gone after a couple of months, but the woman agreed to continue treatment in order to get at the underlying causes of her difficulties. She came to feel more and more affectionate toward her therapist. She claimed that when she told him she was in love with him, he said that the feeling was mutual. According to her testimony, the therapist advised her to leave her husband and live in a room above the therapist’s office. (She later moved to a farm in which the therapist had invested.) She recounted that they engaged in sex together, that they traveled outside the state together, and that she attended "group therapy" that involved nude swimming. On the basis of these and other allegations, the psychiatrist was successfully sued for malpractice.

bio - hmc essay | Physical Attractiveness | Survey …

The case of Zipkin v. Freeman had two interesting implications. First, it conceptualized the therapist-client sexual intimacy in terms of transference and the therapist’s handling of that transference. Thus, therapists— even those whose theoretical orientation does not include the transference concept—might be held accountable for the inappropriate handling of a phenomenon that they may view as an invalid concept or at least one with minimal importance for therapy. Second, in discussing therapist-client sexual intimacy in terms of the therapist’s responsibility to handle appropriately the transference, the court indicated that even less extreme expressions of the therapist’s attraction to the patient (e.g., swimming, dancing) may constitute malpractice.

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