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Person-Centered Therapy Research Paper - 1444 Words

Can the very process of creating stories about pictures and discussing the emergent themes with a trained psychotherapist be helpful in facilitating self-understanding and fostering psychological growth? If so, what are the necessary and sufficient conditions for this process to occur? Following a brief discussion of the fundamental principles surrounding the theoretical construct of apperception, I will explain and advocate for a client-centered approach in the use of projectives to facilitate client self-understanding in a collaborative therapeutic relationship.

Person Centered Therapy would allow the client to then be able to express their feelings openly.

In this paper the usual idea that our psychological problems are caused by unknown feelings and experiencing is questioned and an alternative understanding of the reason for our problems is proposed. More specifically, Rogers’s explanation that the success of his methods occurs because of increased awareness of unknown experience is questioned. Instead, it is proposed that our problems are due to the nature of our internal framework, rather than to feelings of which we are not aware. Our problems are seen as arising when our framework incorporates the more objective standards of the world and fails to develop the more subjective aspects. How having a more subjective or objective internal world affects our experience is discussed and how the “necessary and sufficient” conditions and the “mini-culture” of client-centered therapy develops these subjective aspects is described.

Person-Centred Therapy Essay Example for Free

Two widely used and well-founded methods include Behaviour Therapy and Person Centered Therapy.

In this case study the therapist struggles to maintain unconditional positive regard (UPR) for a child whose behavior in child-centered play therapy creates a need for limits. CCPT was provided within a program to prevent juvenile delinquency among at-risk children at an urban, high poverty elementary school. The client was referred for highly disruptive oppositional behavior persisting months into his kindergarten year. Data evidencing progress is provided as a reference point, while analysis focuses on conceptualization of process and mechanisms of change. The client's experience ofUPR, as well as use of limit testing to explore possibilities in relationships and self-concept, is related to his apparent progress, as is his therapist's growth and development toward providing consistent UPR, even when behavioral limits are needed.

This article explores and discusses the experiences of individuals of minority status in person-centered encounter groups. Although encounter groups are inherently person-centered and open to expression ofhuman experience, the authors ofthis paper have witnessed an emotional "shutting down" in some individuals of minority status who attempt to speak of their experiences as individuals of minority status. Although we contend the core conditions are sufficient for these individuals to have a meaningful experience in an encounter group, we believe not all members experience the core conditions and thus the conditions are not always being met; in particular the condition of empathy. We explore why empathy may not be communicated or received by both individuals ofmajority and minority statuses, respectively. We examine and discuss the concept oftopical groups, as well as the potential of implementing person-centered facilitators who could aid in maintaining the core conditions during especially vulnerable exchanges where members in the group are having difficulty experiencing and communicating the core conditions.

Person Centered Therapy Essay Example for Free

Review of Family, Self, and Psychotherapy: A Person-Centered Perspective; by Ned L. Gaylin

Child-centered play therapy (CCPT) is the developmentally responsive application of Carl Rogers' person-centered theory in helping children by incorporating selected play materials within a safe, therapeutic environment. A look at the differing views on the application of empathic listening in CCPT is explored. Some mental health professionals criticize CCPT as being limited in its application; however, research supports the effectiveness of CCPT in meeting a wide range of presenting concerns in contrast to the personal beliefs of some mental health professionals. The application of CCPT provides children a caring, accepting relationship that frees their inner ability to grow and heal through honoring the person within the child.

Compared to other parts of the world, research on Person-Centered interventions in the United States has waned in the last 20 years (Kirschenbaum, 2007). Although there is vast evidence regarding the efficacy ofthe Person-Centered approach (Gurman, 1977), there have been few experiments in the last 20 years that test the Person- Centered approach as a complete intervention rather than independent core conditions such as empathy or unconditional positive regard. To address that need, a quasi-experimental study is shared to examine the effects of Person-Centered counseling groups on teachers' stress levels. Research on stress, teacher stress and Person-Centered counseling groups are presented and analysis of data suggests that Person-Centered counseling groups were effective in lowering teacher stress after only six weeks of treatment. Limitations are presented and arguments are made for Person- Centered group counseling to be utilized in schools to assist with teacher stress.

Review of Family, Self, and Psychotherapy: A Person-Centered Perspective; by Gaylin, Ned L
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Free Essays on Person-Centered Therapy

This study serves as a replication of earlier findings on the effectiveness of client-centered therapy and a refutation of the need for specificity and directiveness in brief, efficacious treatment. lt also provides a quality low cost model for individual therapists to address the single most stressful aspect of their work, the perception of lack of therapeutic success (Farber & Heifetz, 1982). Using four global indexes, results showed consistent improvement across clients in a college counseling center throughout the weeks of brief therapy, with the most dramatic gains seen within the first four weeks of therapy with virtually every client (97%). The average effect size across outcome measures was 0.97. The research found significant correlations between the various measures, adding to its validity.

Person centred therapy Essay Examples - New York essay

This article begins with an introduction to trauma responses and a brief comparison of Client-Centered Therapy (CCT.) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) It then presents three stories written by a former client who had experienced persistent trauma both as a child within her family and as a young adult living under a repressive regime The first two stories describe events from her past and the third offers an example of the lasting effects of her experiences. The article concludes with Stella's and my reflections on the therapeutic process. Stella chose the pseudonyms to protect confidentiality and has given written permission for her material to be published.

Person Centered Therapy Research Paper - 2055 Words

A brief person-centered therapy practice is described in terms of the frequency and categorization of nondirective and directive verbal behaviors using 22 clients and 101 taped sessions during a nine-month period. Empathic following responses (91%) followed by nondirective therapist comments (4%) were the most frequently observed behaviors. The therapist spoke about 4 sentences a minute, comprising approximately 28% of the spoken words during therapy sessions. While person-centered nondirectiveness was found to co-exist with therapeutic effectiveness, a pattern was not found between slight differences in nondirectiveness and outcome measures

Person Centered Therapy - Essay by Weedonma

This paper explores the role a culture plays under the Person-Centered Approach (PCA) paradigm, and argues the possibility for the PCA to be applied in a collectivist culture. Taiwan, where eastern philosophies and modernization are intertwined, was long colonized and governed in a dictatorial way. In such a context, whether the principle of the PCA is applicable is challenging. In this paper- both the challenges of Chinese culture and the historical and political aspects of Taiwan are reviewed. Additionally, social context and the PCA are contrasted from a perspective of being an individual in a collectivist culture. The PCA’s position is mirrored by some eastern philosophies, and the paper argues that a Taiwanese's natural tendency exists beneath the vicissitude of social context. Taiwanese culture plays a role of blocking people's actualizing tendency. The paper highlights the challenges of some particular cultural blocks. When a growth-promoting climate is created, persons get to experience it. More inner freedom develops, and the natural tendency directs the person to self-actualization.

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