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[Fuelfonts (was Betatestfonts)]

Designer of the hand-printed fonts Monotype Lingo and Monotype Coolman (1999, ITC). Per Ellström also uses the name Pelle Piano, and runs the Pelle Piano TrueType Factory in Sweden. [] []

Per Olof Rizell's free runic fonts  and , truetype for Windows. [] []

Over at AFutureWorthThinkingAbout, there is the audio and text for a talk for the about how nonwestern philosophies like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Daoism can help mitigate various kinds of bias in machine minds and increase compassion by allowing programmers and designers to think from within a non-zero-sum matrix of win conditions for all living beings, meaning engaging multiple tokens and types of minds, outside of the assumed human “default” of straight, white, cis, ablebodied, neurotypical male:

5 Classic Presentation Fonts | The Presentation Designer

Big Swedish archive with about 600 freeware/shareware TrueType fonts. [] []

Put it this way: When you’re in Zimbabwe, will you default to speaking Chinese? Of course not. So why would we default to mere Rationalism, when we’re clearly in a land that speaks a different dialect?

Ultimately, the rigidity of our thinking, and our inability to adapt has lead us to be surprised by too much that we wanted to believe could never have come to pass. We want to call all of this “unprecedented,” when the truth of the matter is, we carved this precedent out every day for hundreds of years, and the ability to think in weird paths is what will define those who thrive.

26+ Cool Serif Fonts: Best Free Downloads in 2017

Free fonts by Swedish designer  (b. Gothenburg, 1970), whose real name is Martin Lexelius:  . . . [] [] []

If they managed it, it would be touted as a “Crushing defeat for President Obama’s signature legislation.” It would have lasting impacts on the world. People would be emboldened, others defeated, and new laws, social rules, and behaviours would be undertaken, all because someone’s name got removed from a thing in just the right way.

This week, much hay is being made is being made about the . Ignoring for the moment that every definition of “safe space” and “trigger warning” put forward by their opponents tends to be a of those terms, let’s just make an attempt to understand where they come from, and how we can situate them.

Free OpenType and Mac truetype bitmap fonts: McMurdo Bold 7pt and eWorlder Headline 12pt. Brought by David Brasgalla (from Sweden). . [] []
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A Totally Definitive Ranking Of Fonts | HuffPost

This was an English truetype handwriting font service run from Norrkoping, Sweden by Mattias Josephson. Free fonts here included Karin Josephson (1999), Lisa Heine (1999) and Mikael Gustavsson. Link died and was removed. [] []

You may even want to look at word processor fonts for ..

Ulf Jordan's project "is aimed at producing a free software outline version of the classic bitmapped misc-fixed terminal fonts, with the same coverage as Markus G. Kuhn's extended ISO 10646-1 version of the screen fonts." Jordan is a student at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. For now, the fonts (Misc-Fixed) are in PostScript only. GNU licensing. [] []

custom writing fonts buy non plagiarized essays dissertation ..

Swedish design site. The owners made some interesting free fonts: New Begindings, Fubbick (based on fraudulent signatures), (potato print face), and (2007, based on a unsuccessful handwriting reform that the Swedish head council of education attempted to implement during the mid 70s). [] []

Download free TT-fonts with extensive ..

Swedish-German Lis Bokt started Tysk Tysk in 2002. She made these free handwriting fonts in 2003: AdreaJolynNormal, Ajani, Artilleria, FlscherNormal, GwaHoThin, Huvudroll, Kikare, Kunstherz, KyldiskNormal, LiesandaScriptMedium, Mndalein, Schosszeit1, Solskriven, . In 2004, she added Kulterin Maskpan and Gfaalit. From 2005: more handwriting typefaces such as Miss Lolly, Skrivande, Schneller and Stryka. From 2006: Regellos. . [] []

Religion/Spirituality - Fonts In Use

Lilypond is a Swedish site with Mats Bengtsson's fonts which are useful for music composition and mathematics (different sets of braces and numbers). Mats created the type 1 versions from Metafont bitmaps using pktrace. The fonts in the Feta font series: TeX-feta-braces0, TeX-feta-braces1, TeX-feta-braces2, TeX-feta-braces3, TeX-feta-braces4, TeX-feta-braces5, TeX-feta-braces6, TeX-feta-braces7, TeX-feta-braces8, TeX-feta-din10, TeX-feta-din11, TeX-feta-din12, TeX-feta-din13, TeX-feta-din14, TeX-feta-din17, TeX-feta-din19, TeX-feta-din4, TeX-feta-din5, TeX-feta-din6, TeX-feta-din7, TeX-feta-din8, TeX-feta-din9, TeX-feta-nummer10, TeX-feta-nummer11, TeX-feta-nummer12, TeX-feta-nummer13, TeX-feta-nummer4, TeX-feta-nummer5, TeX-feta-nummer6, TeX-feta-nummer7, TeX-feta-nummer8, TeX-feta11, TeX-feta13, TeX-feta16, TeX-feta19, TeX-feta20, TeX-feta23, TeX-feta26, TeX-parmesan11, TeX-parmesan13, TeX-parmesan16, TeX-parmesan19, TeX-parmesan20, TeX-parmesan23, TeX-parmesan26. See also . [] []

Fonts in use in the category “Religion/Spirituality ..

About ten free truetype fonts here: the OrmDemo family by Nils-Lennart Johannesson (2000), and the Orrm family by Peter S. Baker (1999). Johannesson is Professor of English Language, Stockholm University. The is concerned with the reproduction of the Middle English twelfth century homily collection Ormulum (written by the Augustinian canon Orm from Lincolnshire). [] []

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