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More of the Navajo creation story:

According to the Navajo creation story, the first world was small and pitch black. There were four seas and in the middle an island with a single pine tree existed. Ants, dragonflies, locusts and beetles lived there and made up the Air-Spirit People of the first world.

Navajo Creation Story Painting by Kee Lee – Nizhoni Fine Arts Competition – Navajo Nation Fair 2012

It is important that students of history explore tribal nuances. Within every continent, there is tremendous diversity. The tribal differences that caused the Apache and Navajo peoples to fight each other are not so different from the reasons Germans fought the French. Recognizing tribal diversity is an important step in understanding the history of America.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016Navajo Nation Fair-Largest Indian Fair

July 1-4, 201630th Annual Navajo Nation 4th of July Celebration and ProRodeo

Begochiddy said to the plants and the trees: “You must grow and blossom and bear fruit at certain seasons.” And they agreed to do this. Then he said to all creatures: “After four days you can go wherever you please.” And when that time was ended, Begochiddy blew four times in different directions and some of the Navajos went towards Huerfano, and some went to a place called Nehal-zhini, the Black Place, and some to Kih-ah-ah, the Standing-Up-Place near Crown Point. And the people who were last to be made, the Anlthtahn-nah-olyah, went to live near Huerfano, and never went far away from it. This clan family was then named Tsilth-bin-jodithy, which means Wandering-Around-the-Mountain. They are now called the Asheen or Salt Clan.

Another and different version of the creation of the sun and moon is given immediately following in the manuscript: Old Man planted water in the lower world and it grew to the surface. When Old Man returned to the spring, be found two boys emerging, so be told his wife to catch these two boys, which she did, and she put them under her arms and kept them there till the people emerged in this world. These boys had no names. They helped to make the sun and moon. Old Man watched them make tbe sun and moon. One of the boys carries the sun on his back and the other carries the moon. Hence they were named Jonaaibaestin, Boy-who-went-inside-the-Sun, and Kleonaaibigestin, Boy-who-went-inside-the moon. These were the two greatest youths who ever appeared on the lowest (fourth) world. When Hashjaishjine was thinking how to place the stars, came Coyote. (The manuscript ends bere abruptly. The story alluded to is given in Matthew’s notes, Navaho Legends, Memoirs of the American Folk-Lore Society V: 223, 224.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016Navajo Nation Fair-Largest Indian Fair

July 1-4, 201630th Annual Navajo Nation 4th of July Celebration and ProRodeo

Content for this site is provided by , Navajo Language Curriculum Designer and Bilingual Ed. Director for San Juan School District and a Navajo Historian and Photojournalist from Malad City, Idaho.

Jaye John I would recommend reading Dine Bahane:The Navajo Creation Story by Paul G. Zolbrod I am Navajo from southeastern Utah and I grew up with similar stories by my grandmother that Zolbrod clearly states in his book. Another good read is Navajo Indian Myths by Aileen O’ Bryan. This book reads more like short stories as to Zolbrod has a poetic writing style.

Hasteen Klah noted that from this point present day Navajos know the story.
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Navajo Creation Story | Four Worlds

The next part of the Navajo creation story involves the First Man, First Women, First Angry and the coyote born in the water climbing into the second world, followed by all other creatures.

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Navajo origin stories begin with a First World of darkness (Nihodilhil). From this Dark World the Dine began a journey of emergence into the world of the present.

Navajo creation story – The First World “Nihodilhil” ..

Both the Zuni story and the Iroquoian story of the origins of the confederacyalso talk about how society should be organized, about the importance ofkinship and families, about how society divides its many functions in orderto provide for healing, for food, for decision making, and so on. The Iroquoianconfederacy was a model of Federalism for the drafters of the Constitution,who were much impressed by the way in which the confederacy managed topreserve the autonomy of its individual member tribes while being ableto manage effective concerted actions, as the colonists to their dismaytoo often found out. The Navajo story of Changing Woman and the Lakotastory of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman are important illustrations notonly of the role of women as culture heroes, but also of every people'snecessity to evolve structures such as the Pipe Ceremony or the Navajohealing rituals to restore and maintain order in the world.

Navajo creation story – The First World “Nihodilhil” (Black World) ..

Most, if not all of these books are written by non Navajos.
The only way to hear these stories, is to ask an elder.
Most elders are happy to tell you these stories. But most
don’t ask their elders.

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The Navajo creation story is a beautiful tale that is not well known outside the Navajo Nation. It details the emergence of the Navajo people into their homeland.

All the symbols found in the Navajo creation story have a ..

I so wish that I could have grown up with these stories….I am half Navajo living on the east coast and was taught nothing of my heritage. Does anyone know of any websites or books that I can read? I want to learn more. 🙂

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