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"Loyalists Or Patriots" Essays and Research Papers

1. To understand how ideologies were constructed before and during the Revolutionary War. How and why were some "reluctant revolutionaries" turned into whig patriots willing to fight against the British empire, while others asserted a loyalist allegiance to Britain?

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A website devoted to an exhibition at the Library of Congress on contains many images that are useful to explore the religious aspects of loyalism. For example, ask the students to explain the allegorical treatment of the whig as Absalom, rebelling against and suffering from the arbitrary rule of his father King David (George III), who is shown playing his harp, oblivious to the anguish of his children in the American colonies. The figure executing Absalom is dressed as a British red coat. A study of the role of ministers in the Revolution is also fruitful. Anglican minister proposed a way to reconcile British and local interests in "The True Interest of American Impartially Stated," 1776. The whiggish political cartoon, can be examined. A political-religious argument can be examined also in one of the 1770 . The pro-British cartoon, similarly portrays "Cromwellian" antecedents.

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In the Revolution, there were Loyalists and Patriots, and the Loyalists were treated.

Loyalists, those colonists that affirmed Britain’s authority over the colonies, were described at the time as "persons inimical to the liberties of America." In the republican ideology of the new nation, tories were vilified as offenders against the public good who acted out of ignorance, cupidity, or moral obtuseness. But if the political complexion between 1775 and 1783 is accurately described as equally divided among patriots, loyalists, and those diffident or disaffected, understanding loyalism is essential to unlocking the puzzle of revolutionary America. Between 60,000 and 80,000 Americans chose to go into exile after 1783. Among these were many of the ablest and wealthiest men in colonial life, but the group also included ordinary men and women, as well as a thousand black loyalists who eventually settled in Sierra Leone. In a tri-racial society, Native Americans were also forced to choose sides. Indeed, loyalists were not an identifiable segment of the wartime population. Outside the British-controlled garrison towns, loyalism was often fluid, especially in the back country. Where the patriot army was weak, citizens could afford to be loyalist or neutral, but changes in military power also made loyalism precarious. Anglicans were more likely to be loyalists, but pietist sects such as the Mennonites, Dunkers, and Brethren also faced difficult political and religious dilemmas, as did the Quakers. As recent arrivals in America, John Wesley’s Methodists were more likely to hold loyalist sympathies. These factors made the war at times partisan, civil, or revolutionary in character. More than simply the losers in the war, loyalists were the obverse of the new nation’s ideology without which the Revolution is incompletely understood.

3. To understand some of the patterns of participation during the war. Who fought on the patriot side? Who remained loyal to Great Britain? Who was resignedly, or defiantly, neutral? After the war, who was reintegrated? Who chose exile?

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Students are likely to be familiar with the savagery and brutality of the campaigns in the backcountry through . While the film might be used as a springboard (in conjunction with the documents on the Black Loyalists and Advanced Loyalist websites) for discussion of what motivated slaves to ally themselves with the British, it also dramatizes the conflicting pressures on whites. Ask the students to consider the impact of the practices of the film’s Col. William Tavington, who was based on; the differences between the fictional Tavington and the real Tarleton were considerable, not least in Tarleton’s surviving the war. glorifies Tarleton’s tactics. Tarleton himself justified his much-criticized actions in his; his self-approval comes through in an excerpt from the . Ask your students to speculate on the military and ideological consequences of Indian and British army brutalities in the backcountry.

Colonists were forced to house British troops
How was this a Civil War?
The conflicts between the Patriots and the Loyalists were much like a civil war
The Patriots and Loyalists were fighting over governmental reasons
Both the Patriots and Loyalists had armed forces ready to fight if necessary
A civil war is a disagreement between two groups of a country.

Essay about patriots and loyalists - alchemy …
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Loyalists Essay about and patriots

(former college American history instructor) a patriot is a football team.
a loyalist is a suck-up You might want to imagine what a conversation between two people, one wanting your state to seceed from the union and the other wanting to stay, would be like today. Here is a link to the differences between Patriots and Loyalists.

Basically, Loyalists want to support King George III as ruler.

and savage retaliation exacted by both Loyalists and patriots.

In short writing assignments, students might be asked to compare and contrast the text of with . Ask students to contrast the history of Dunmore’s with the , which comprised African-American slaves attached to the British army, as discussed in the . The regiment’s formation orders and the oath taken upon enlisting are included. This site also contains petitions, memorials, and other documents that allow the students to follow the various ways in which the British army utilized and rewarded slaves. Land sales, muster lists, wills, indentures, and petitions are also available. Students might also be asked to analyze the data about occupation and colonial origins from the . All the surnames in the are . These documents also tie into later lessons on Anglo-American colonization and anti-slavery: among them is a 1791 advertisement for the Sierra Leone Company, and documents like allow the student to follow black loyalists who eventually relocated in Sierra Leone. Finally, the student might be asked to contrast the petitions and other records that document the experience of black loyalists with the denied for a pension based on his service to the Continental Army.

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To get a "big picture" idea of the time period and some of the character's concerns, my children enjoyed watching "The Patriot" [Mel Gibson is a loyalist who is against the Revolution -- then life events turn him to the Patriot's side].

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Amphibians Use these short answer science task cards with your own unit or Pinterest The revolutionary war Revolutionaries and Liberty on Pinterest How were Americans divided by the Revolution Colonists AMERICAN During the Revolutionary War there were several skirmishes in the area between the American patriots called the Whigs and the British loyalists called Ken Ilgunas Peasants French Revolution Essay Essay for you Kolobok ru

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