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Madness and Civilization - Wikipedia

I follow William Kötke in using "civilization" interchangeably with "empire." I define it loosely as a self-reinforcing societal pattern of depletion of the land, accumulation of wealth, conquest, repression, central control, and insulation and disconnection from life, with all of these habits allied to mental, cultural, and physical artifacts.

For example, the plow is a physical artifact that enables the cultural habit of grain farming to take biomass from the soil and convert it into more humans and into stores of grain, which enable the cultural artifact of "wealth," which enables some people to tell others what to do and build the cultural artifact of "command," backed up by physical artifacts like swords and guns and cultural roles like soldiers and police, who reinforce the whole pattern by conquering and holding more land for the plow and more people for the roles of farmer and owner and soldier.

Western Civilization - Common App Essay

But some observed nature-based societies look like utopia compared to civilization -- the political structure is egalitarian and non-coercive, fighting is rarely deadly, the people are strong and happy, and they spend only a few hours a day in the meaningful activities of survival, and the rest of their time playing and slacking off.

What about the Aztecs or the Mayans or the Incas, who had strict hierarchy and human sacrifice and military conquest to support increasing populations?

I classify them as civilizations because they had repressive centralized systems linked to "growth" economies.

Civilization Essays - StudentShare

To destroy life, to conquer, to imprison, to torture, are typical behaviors of civilization and less common in other societies.

Peruvian empire was located in Peru. The empire existed as from 8000 BC. However; there are several other empires that existed in the area as from 2500 BC. Civilization is in this area mainly occurred due to the climatic changes that were occurring to the east coast. Due to the changes, most parts of Peru were no longer fertile. Due to this, there was a necessity to adapt to new environments. This was the main trigger for civilization. The civilization process lasted for over 1000 years as the empire developed into various cultural entities. Religiously the entities remained the same, all the cultures were associated with iconography; it was depicted wild animals. The decline of surrounding empires gave them the chance to diversify ad occupy more land. Their political organization was almost similar to Mesoamerican empires. Farming was the major source of economic growth. (Neurath, 23)

Because of the core values of civilization, that conquest and control and forceful transformation are good, because civilization "grows" by dominating and exploiting and killing, and by numbing its members to the perspectives of their victims, it has been choosing and developing the most poisonous technologies, and ignoring or excluding tools allied to awareness, aliveness, and equal participation in power.

Western Civilization essays and Research papers | …

Civilization - HD essays By HWnerds

In conclusion, the ancient forms of civilization were different across different regions in the world. The factors that initiated the civilization process were also different across the regions. However, some cultures copied some aspects of civilization from others.

What they don't say is that our actual needs are much less -- our present "needs" have been artifically created by a system addicted to runaway increase, and if this system can keep itself going by covering 1% of the Earth with solar panels, soon we will find that we "need" to cover 2%, 10%, 100%, and then when the crash comes there won't be any plants left.

A stable civilization needs a stable source of energy -- one that tends toward a certain level, and gets pulled back toward that level with more force, the farther we get from it.

Egyptian civilization essay - Perfectly written and HQ academic papers
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Essay Template On The Topic Of Western Civilization

In his treatise Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud makes an interesting statement about advanced society. He argues that “the price of progress in civilization is paid in forfeiting happiness through the heightening of the sense of guilt,” to...

Derk bodde essays on chinese civilization culture

A recurring theme throughout the novel, Civilization and Its Discontents, is the dogged mission of mankind attempting to achieve happiness, but always falling short. “Life, as we find it, is too hard for us; it brings us too many pains,...

Free Essays on Civilization And Culture through

This has been the pattern of every "successful" civilization in history: to transform the life of the Earth into larger human populations that must conquer and deplete more land to survive, spreading like a cancer over thousands of miles, destroying every habitat and culture in their path, until they go totally mad, exhaust their landbase, and crash.

Can you define "civilization"?

I don't think it's necessary or even helpful to make an airtight definition.

free essay on Evolution of Civilization - ECheat

A stable system uses negative feedback -- it's like a ball at the bottom of a bowl, where the farther it moves in any direction, the greater are the forces pulling it back toward the center.

Civilization as we know it is unstable, because too many of its processes are increase-only.

Custom The Egyptian Civilization Essay - …

Sigmund Freud's essay, "Civilization and its Discontents", and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento's book, Facundo: Civilization and Barbarism, both make bold and thought-provoking statements about their respective societies and contemporary civilization....

Short Essay on "As Civilization Advances Culture Declines"

Ideally, old railbeds will be converted to trails and roadways with low-maintenance surfaces.

Bicycles and Horses. Nothing in civilization or nature travels as efficiently over land as a human on a bicycle.

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