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Figure 10. Network flow model of the transportation problem.

Variations of the classical transportation problem are easily handled by modifications of the network model. If links have finite capacity, the arc upper bounds can be made finite. If supplies represent raw materials that are transformed into products at the sources and the demands are in units of product, the gain factors can be used to represent transformation efficiency at each source. If some minimal flow is required in certain links, arc lower bounds can be set to nonzero values.

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In addition,they must realize "that solutions designed for cities of developed countries cannotdirectly be applied to the urban areas of developing countries." However, developingcountries can and "should learn from the mistakes already made in developedcountries (like the United States) where unbalanced transportation systems areexacting enormous costs."Developing countries must also acknowledge "the interrelationships that exist betweendifferent urban trends and impacts." Addressing problems in isolation "would not bevery effective because of the complex and whole nature of the urban transportationsystem." Interrelated problems require "integrated strategies" implemented over time,from the immediate and short term to the gradual and long term.

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For the transportation problem,you can ship only from supply points to demand points.

The mobility and affordability advantages of thesevehicles are diminished by their pollution disadvantages, notably high levels of "carbonmonoxide and unburnt hydrocarbon emissions."An increase in public transit systems seldom accompanies this growth in population,mainly because of high capital costs and "urban form." A city's form "greatly influencesand is influenced by travel patterns (the classical land use-transportation cycle)." Theauthors noted "that the development of urban form has been one of the root causes ofmany transportation problems throughout the world." The rapid, unplanned, anduncoordinated growth of cities has dispersed their populations, with more peoplemoving from the city centers to their "urban periphery." This dispersion reduces accessto public transportation and makes the cost of building and maintaining new publictransportation systems prohibitive.

URBAN TRANSPORTATION TRENDSThe authors noted that the complex urban transportation problems in developingcountries "are triggered by certain trends," all of them interrelated.

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Table 7.11 shows the balanced transportation tablefor this transshipment problem.

Interms of traffic crashes, "in general, motorized urban traffic and pedestrian accidentsform a higher proportion of accidents in developing countries than in developedcountries." For example, "in 1993, an estimated 885,000 people died in trafficaccidents," and "the majority of these deaths were in developing countries."In addition to the "huge amounts of energy" transportation consumes, "motor vehiclesproduce more air pollution than any other human activity." In city centers, where trafficcongestion levels are high, "traffic can be responsible for as much as 90 to 95 percentof the ambient carbon monoxide levels, 80 to 90 percent of nitrogen oxides andhydrocarbons, and a large portion of the particulates, posing a major threat to humanhealth and natural resources." Lead emissions from the combustion of leaded gasolinealso cause "an estimated 80 to 90 percent of lead in ambient air." In response to thehealth threat posed by lead, most developed countries have reduced the lead contentin gasoline, but in most developing countries, "ambient lead levels greatly exceed thehealth standard." These emissions have a global as well as local impact: "Thetransportation sector is the most rapidly growing source of greenhouse gas emissions--that is, emissions of chemicals that have the potential to contribute to global warming."STRATEGIES AND CONCLUSIONSThe authors emphasized that "urban areas in developing countries require newapproaches to addressing their transportation problems." These countries must makethese approaches "city specific," even for cities within the same country.

Because of its major application in solving problems involvingseveral product sources and several destinations of products, this typeof problem is frequently called the transportation problem.

Because numberof users = 5 and software types = 5, the transportation problem is balanced.
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A typical transportation problem is shown in Fig. 9. It deals with sources where a supply of some commodity is available and destinations where the commodity is demanded. The classic statement of the transportation problem uses a matrix with the rows representing sources and columns representing destinations. The algorithms for solving the problem are based on this matrix representation. The costs of shipping from sources to destinations are indicated by the entries in the matrix. If shipment is impossible between a given source and destination, a large cost of M is entered. This discourages the solution from using such cells. Supplies and demands are shown along the margins of the matrix. As in the example, the classic transportation problem has total supply equal to total demand.

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The network model of the transportation problem is shown in Fig. 10. Sources are identified as the nodes on the left and destinations on the right. Allowable shipping links are shown as arcs, while disallowed links are not included.

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Jotin Khisty examined these problems andtheir potential solutions in "Urban Transportation in Developing Countries: Trends,Impacts, and Potential Systemic Strategies," a paper prepared for the TransportationResearch Board's 77th Annual Meeting (January 1998).

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A degenerate transportation problem showinga Northwest Corner initial allocation is presented in Table 7.8, wherewe can see that if were not assigned to the matrix, it would be impossible to evaluate severalcells.

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