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Rumor and Gossip Essay - 317 Words - StudyMode

Payne writes of a conversation she had with a senior scout from Ntaba Mangwe park in which she asked him how he speaks of events that seem to be outside normal experience. “,” he surprised her with a shout and burning stare. “”

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The other study, a public opinion survey about the Eichmanntrial, offers further confirmation of the theory. ()It also suggests that the variables isolated are relevant for thesociology of mass communications. In this study the informationcame in the first instance from the mass media rather than frominterpersonal contact. Thus it was possible to be knowledgeableabout the trial without having talked to anyone. One of thequestions asked in the survey determined the number of people therespondent talked to about the trial, which yields a measure ofmultiple interaction. The indicator of criticalness oruncriticalness was response given to two questions about twononexistent news events. () If the respondentsaid he had heard about neither of them, this was taken as acritical attitude toward news events. If he claimed to have heardof both nonexistent events, this was taken as an uncriticalattitude toward news events. The measure of accuracy is knowledgeabout the facts of the trial demonstrated on four informationtest questions. () False knowledge waspenalized, as was a lack of knowledge, but there was little falseinformation about; if people did not know the answers to thequestions they either guessed or said they did not know. Thisbeing the case, the uncritical person was not in a position toadd untrue items to his collection and multiple interactionproduced no significant variation. (The cell with six cases istoo small to take into consideration.) The important finding ofTable 4 is that the more people a critical person talked to, thehigher was the accuracy of his knowledge. If previous research iscorrect, critical people probably talk to critical people. () Although it must be noted that Table 4 is notan exact test of the theory detailed in Table I, it has manyclose analogies. The two variables, criticalness andinteractions, cause exactly the same variation in accuracy ofremembering a mass media factual communication as they cause inremembering rumors. This, I feel, makes this theory more a theoryof verbal communication than just one of rumor transmission.

Gossip and Rumors in the Business Office Essay ..

Not only .Effects of Television on Young Female Adults - Case Study: Gossip Girl.

() S. Schachter and H. Burdick, "AField Experiment in Rumor Transmission and Distortion,"Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, Vol. 50, 1955, p. 370.

To examine the influence of being critical and being in asingle- or multiple-interaction setting, I re-analyzed data fromtwo studies. The first of these was a pretest of Project Reveredirected by Stuart Carter Dodd at the Washington Public OpinionLaboratory in July of 1951. In this study, a message (Gold ShieldCoffee—Good as Gold) was started with 17 per cent of theresidents of Issaquah, Washington, on Monday, July 16. OnTuesday, July 17, an airplane passed over town and dropped 30,000leaflets containing the first half of the slogan and informingthe residents of the 305 occupied housing units that there was aslogan known to one person in five in the town. The leaflet alsostated that if the slogan was known when the coffee companyrepresentative called, the respondent would receive a free poundof coffee. On Wednesday, July 18, an adult from almost everyhousehold in town was interviewed. Among the questions asked was,"Whom did you tell [the slogan]?" If any person wastold the slogan by two or more of the respondents, or by one ofthe respondents and one coffee company representative, I took itto be multiple interaction. ()

Understanding the Impact of Rumors and Gossip - …


The two variables, group involvement and thecloseness-diffuseness of the group seem to form a natural rankingin their effects on the frequency of rumor transmission andrepetition (see Table 2). This ranking could also be seen as aranking of motivation and opportunity.

A very interesting study is Schachter and Burdick'sexperimental study of rumor in a school. ()It had multiple interaction in both a critical and an uncriticalsituation. There were two sources of rumor, the planted rumorthat "some exams were missing," and rumors that arosefrom the experimental stimulus of the sudden removal of somegirls from class. The two were not officially connected, andthough a teacher had planted the rumor that some exams weremissing, no student had it on the teacher's authority that thegirls had stolen the exams. Thus the situation could becharacterized as "critical" with regard to the stolenexams and "uncritical" with regard to the removal ofthe girls from class. The fifty-two girls in the four classes ofinterest asked 200 questions of the teachers, clearly multipleinteraction. The original rumor about the exams came through theday intact, while many new and bizarre rumors sprang up about thegirls. The Schachter and Burdick study thus conforms totheoretical expectations in both themultiple-interaction-critical and themultiple-interaction-uncritical cells of Table I.

Chapters 1 and 2 - Rumor and Gossip Summary Rumors abound in Hertfordshire County that a Mr
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Gossiping Essay, essay by samdaman

This idea was long ago debunked, but the philosophy it came from lives on in various ways. Early developers of artificial intelligence, for instance, focused on programming mightily rational functions such as chess and advanced mathematics — tasks that are ideally suited to computers, but also, as M.I.T.’s Rodney Brooks quips in (2002), that “highly educated male scientists found challenging,” which therefore must be the pinnacle of cogitation. In fact, Brooks realized, while “the things that children of four or five years could do effortlessly, such as visually distinguishing between a coffee cup and a chair, or walking around on two legs, or finding their way from the bedroom to the living room were not thought of as activities requiring intelligence,” they represented the real challenge for programming. Never mind small children — there is not a robot in the world that knows the things a puppy knows.

Rumors in the Workplace Essay Examples

e know they undergo extensive education: babies from their whole doting families, newly fertile cows guided by the more experienced, lately independent bulls tagging along after their more magisterial superiors. In situations where these teaching opportunities are absent — babies orphaned or separated, cows giving birth alone in zoos, teenage males running rampant in places where all the older bulls have been shot for their tusks — their necessity is obvious. As good a guide as inborn instinct is in so many respects, this is one animal for which society, too, makes all the difference in the world.

is an unconfirmed but widely circulated story or a piece of gossip

In another case of uncritical multiple interaction, Petersonand Gist's study, "Rumor and Public Opinion," () the effects of the uncriticalmultiple-interaction situation are spectacular. The popularconception of the unreliability of rumor is probably derived fromsituations such as this. The topic of the rumor activity was arape-slaying, its villain, and its consequences. Very littlereliable information had been published about the slaying, andthe killer was still at large. According to Allen D. Grimshaw,who witnessed the situation, people went "shopping" forrumors and trading rumors in bars and other public meetingplaces. Some people would go from table to table in bars givingand receiving the latest rumors. () Petersonand Gist report seventy-one different rumors, not counting minorvariations. ()

Rumors and Gossip Essay 67083 - AcaDemon

If only those patterns which are clearly serial chains ormultiple networks are taken and if the assumption, oftenunrealistic, is made that all members of that section of thepattern have the same "set" toward the rumor, it ispossible to predict the effect of transmission on the rumor underthese conditions. () In Table 1 the neteffect of these joint conditions on the accuracy of the rumor isexplored.

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