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Qin Shi Huang, First Emperor of China Essay Example …

After rising to power and putting an end to the Warring States period, Zheng (who then changed his name to Qin Shi Huangdi, meaning ‘First Sovereign Ruler’) united all of China, and attempted to create one unified state

Leadership of Qin Shi Huangdi essay - History - Buy …

He oppressed the people with an overflow of taxes, mandated enlistment of the army, killed people who was against his state of the Qin dynasty, and forced laborers to work tirelessly in his construction projects.(28) He also put so many laws that people could not remember all of them, and the punishments were harsh for even the simplest things.(29) The law courts were also just as harsh and unfair as the laws that kept the people in bay, they were biased and many people got convicted and were executed.(30) Even Legalists and Sima Qian, a historian who praised Shi Huang Di for his governance, said that Shi Huang Di’s actions were too extreme, but their desperate time had to call for desperate measures.(31) Shi Huang Di and his advisors thought that humans were evil in nature and that he had to keep them in control(32), but it appears that

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horses and an array of chariots and weapons. This “terracotta army” had been commissioned by Qin Shi Huangdi, the first

(7) Shi Huangdi also got rid of feudalism so that no feudal lords posed any threats to his rule.(8) He did this because that was the very cause that created the Warring States period.(14) Shi Huangdi thought that it was unwise to let people have access to ideas of the past because they might compare these ideas to the present, and question his authority, so he burned all of the books of the past.(8) To stop uprisings, all weapons were confiscated and store in the capital city, Xianyang.(9) All of these attempts were to secure power to unify China under Shi Huangdi’s regime. Thus, Shi Huangdi was an extreme Legalist. His Legalism led to a unity that defined the Qin Dynasty.

In addition to this, Shi Huangdi forced the citizens to do a lot of manual labor for several public work projects, such as the early version of the Great Wall, his elaborate tomb, several palaces and many other public works that would help unify China. Roads were built to connect the different parts of China.

(10) This made communication, trade and travel easier. Shi Huangdi also destroyed al of the walls separating the previous six warring states, so that the states would not be divided.(11) On top of this, every male from the ages of seventeen and sixty were ordered to serve at least one year in the army of the Qin.(12) This brought about a sense of togetherness and a sense of pride in the country.

There were also many intellectual achievements that helped unify China. For example, Shi Huangdi simplified the Chinese alphabet.(13) This unified China because this made it easier to learn and master the alphabet. Once people knew the alphabet, they could all communicate better and faster.

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Shih Huang Di saw this as a threat to his power and the state of Qin and ordered 460 Confucian scholars to death.

The Qin emperor Shi Huang Di, ruled the empire fiercely in his control for 16 years with harsh rules and punishments because Legalists viewed that humans were evil in nature and therefore, needed laws to keep them from being evil.(9) According to the Legalist philosopher Han Fei Zi, only a few wise people, sages, existed that “acted consciously” and were good, while “human nature is evil”(10); they were full of greed and other bad qualities.(11) The only way to govern the evil people, even if it was not humane, was to be the only powerful ruler and to prevent the people from being bad instead of trusting them to be good.(12) He explained there would be no deceit from other officials that way, and the people would not be as evil and would be monitored.

The accomplishments achieved by Shi Huang Di during the Qin dynasty would not have happened if it weren’t for his effective and controlling Legalist policies.

be, “Qin Shi Huangiestablished a number of social and political reforms that helped to boost his kingdom’s economy. The creation of his
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Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi … | Essay

(4) He did this by leading the state of Qin to victory during the Warring States Period by smartly maneuvering the other six states against each other, breaking the alliance between them.(5) It was in this way that Qin Shi Huangdi took the throne of China as its First Emperor, uniting the nation as one for the first time in history. Though the Qin Dynasty was short-lived, it still had great effect on China.

Once the First Emperor, Shi Huangdi, had ascended the throne, he made sure to dispose of any opposition; he ordered the deaths of 460 Confucian scholars in 212 B.C.E.

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In addition to this, he simplified the Chinese language and created easy trading routes to create even more unification in China.

When Shih Huang Di became the first emperor of the Qin dynasty, he made many Legalist and militaristic reforms.

Qin Shi Huang Essay - Why Was Qin Shi Huang Hated …

Shi Huang Di, the “First Emperor”(8), as he called himself, is still remembered for all his accomplishments that eventually united China during the Qin dynasty’s short duration.

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