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Shepherd, L, Interstellar Flight, JBIS, 11, pp.149-167, 1952.

For interstellar flights, deploying the plasma magnet as the craft approaches the target star should be enough to decelerate the craft to allow loitering in the system, rather than a fast flyby. Again, the high performance and modest mass and power requirements might make this a good way to decelerate a fast interstellar craft, like a laser propelled photon sail.[1]

Maccone, C, Relativistic Interstellar Flight and Genetics, JBIS, 43, 12, December 1990.

Subotowicz, M, Energy for Interstellar Flights Delivered Through Nuclear Matter Compression in Heavy Nuclei Collisions and in Muon Catalysed ‘Cold’ Fusion in Compressed Hydrogen, JBIS, 39, 7, pp.312-316, July 1986.

7. Deceleration at target star for interstellar flight

Langton, N.H et al., Materials in Interstellar Flight, JBIS, 30, 3, pp.109-111, March 1977.

"If we at once admit the foolishness of these perennially suggested

"impediments" to star flight, we will be on our way to understanding that

interstellar space does not need a bridge too far.

We do not need new physics" [2].

Another factor relevant to interstellar flight is that of relativistic

time dilation.

Essay on Flight in Song of Solomon - Theme of ..

Powell, C, Flight Dynamics of the Ram-Augmented Interstellar Rocket, JBIS, 28, 8, August 1975.

Since the dawn of the SETI effort in 1960, it has been generally assumed that the transmission of information across interstellar distances can most practically be accomplished using electromagnetic waves, with the most popular candidate method being radio in the 21-cm wavelength (1.42 GHz) range. Accordingly, a series of searches based on this assumption have been conducted, thus far without any success. In this paper, we will advance a hypothesis that the reason for this failure is because radio is, in fact, a very inefficient means of interstellar communication between species, and that a superior alternative is available. Specifically, we will show that communication between species can be much more effectively accomplished over interstellar distances using microscopic high density data storage packages sized between 1 and 10 microns. Such packages have already been detected. They are, in fact all around us, and within us, in vast numbers and varieties. Generally known as bacteria, these spaceflight-capable data storage systems are carrying enormous amounts of information, only a small fraction of which has any identifiable purpose. Could interstellar messages be found encoded within the genomes of microbes? Could records of such past transmission be found within the genomes of multicellular organisms? In this paper we shall explore the possibilities, discuss how such transmissions could be efficiently sent, and propose methods by which such a hypothesis might be falsified or verified.

But bacteria can evolve quickly, thereby potentially erasing essential information about the past of those who joined Earth’s Melting Pot some time ago. Therefore the most convincing place to look for microbial astronauts would be in space itself. Spacecraft carrying aerogels or other suitable capture media could be deployed with the mission of trying to gather spacebugs in flight. In principle they could be sent anywhere, with perhaps the most promising location being the vicinity of a comet as it outgases volatiles through its trip through the inner solar system. This could be a favorable location for space microbe collecting because it is possible that Oort Cloud objects might collect such interstellar voyagers over time, and then, when heated during close solar approach, release them in large numbers along with the vapors of the frozen volatiles that preserved and held them until that time. (Hoyle 1981). However the problem with this approach is that the characteristic relative velocities of objects moving in various orbits in space exceed several kilometers per second, so that microbes on one such trajectory slamming into anything remotely as dense as an aerogel on another would almost certainly be destroyed on impact. What is needed is an extremely diffuse medium of large expanse that can be used to slow the fast-moving microbes down to a near halt to so that they can be gathered without harm on a solid collecting surface. Fortunately, there are such media available. They are called planetary atmospheres.

Bond, A, Problems of Interstellar Propulsion, Spaceflight, 13, pp.245-251, 1971.
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Essay on interstellar flight - MaryFlor-Villereal

Interstellar flight is also going to take buy-in from the public, whose economic resources will be in play to create the needed Solar System infrastructure and, eventually, the vehicles we will send on these journeys. That puts the economic issue up front, for while we can name a number of technologies that do not violate known physics — beamed sails, fusion drives, ion drives and perhaps one day, antimatter — we have to find the means of paying for their development.

Research paper on interstellar flight - 4Cable TV

The Project Daedalus design was created by members of the British Interplanetary Society back in the 1970s and grew out of an interest in the Fermi question: ‘Where are they?’ Enrico Fermi was pointing out that a universe as evidently full of resources as the one we live in should have spawned life aplenty, and he wondered at our lack of observation of it. Could it be, some wondered, that interstellar flight is just too difficult? In response, a BIS team decided to see if it was possible to conceive of a starship even with near-term technology, and we got Daedalus.

Research paper on interstellar flight

Sten Odenwald, an astronomer at the National Institute of Aerospace, takes aim at interstellar flight in a recent for the Huffington Post. Dr. Odenwald’s critique makes many valid points by way of showing how difficult the interstellar challenge is. I am much in favor of articles that do this, because putting a payload past or around another star is extraordinarily difficult, and every point that Odenwald raises has to be addressed by our science.

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Vulpetti, G, Multiple Propulsion Concept for Interstellar Flight: General Theory and Basic Results, JBIS, 43, 12, 1990.

Tau Zero Foundation - Pioneering Interstellar Flight

Anderson, J.L, Leaps of the Imagination: Interstellar Flight & The Horizon Mission Methodology, JBIS, 49, pp.15-20, 1996.

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