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Drug abuse, is one of the major problems in the Nigerian society.

This most recent challenge to the still-young democratic government is viewed by many commentators as the most serious threat to the nation's unity since its return to democracy. It is symptomatic of the difficulties inherent in establishing democracy in such an ethnically-diverse country after so many years of military rule.

de Tocqueville's work on Democracy in America ...

Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) is seeking proposals from Agriculture business owners or Agriculture-focused Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) based in the three core states of the Niger Delta (Rivers, Bayelsa and…

Essay About Democracy in Nigeria: Guide, Tips & …

Democracy today; an American interpretation, (Chicago, New York, Scott, Foresman and company, [c1919]), by Woodrow Wilson, ed.

How free are Nigerians to choose whom they will to serve them? The question is indubitably not, how free are Nigerians to vote? Nigerians are free to vote, made obvious time and again. On the contrary, how keen we are to choose who would serve us, deferred us. Freedom to vote equals freedom to choose if and only if the vote counts. Recent elections put on view patent facts that votes don’t count. Democracy- “government by the people” eluded Nigerians. I beg your pardon, what else?

What went wrong? The democracy we longed was of sincere representation and participation by measures of objectivity, equity, and justice. It was of propos accountability and good governance. I mean responsive and responsible leadership and consequently, the therapy to sleazes. “Freedom and equality”, “greatest happiness of the greatest number” the gospels democracy hunts for is murky in the Nigerian milieu. However, power is concentrated in the hands of the wealthy few giving them boundless privilege and preponderant political influences, making them grasp democracy as unlimited freedom. Hmm! Freedom indeed!

Democracy in Nigeria Essay Example for Free

(Washington, Pan American Union, General Secretariat, Organization of American States, 1963), by Santo Domingo Symposium on Representative Democracy.

Although many scholars have conducted studies concerning the Niger Delta, this article specifically explores the nature of CSR related conflict and how the multinational oil companies (MNOCs) have been the stakeholders of conflict with the support of government against the host communities. On the multidimensional problems of the Niger Delta, Oviasuyi and Uwadiae (2010, p113) maintain that “the region has been faced with the problems of oil spillages and gas flaring, which have caused serious atmospheric pollution, ground water and soil contamination, constant heat around the flare pits and abnormal salinity of the pool water, resulting in serious health hazards for the local inhabitants, and of course grave disturbance to the life cycles of plants and animals in the region.” It is therefore pertinent to establish a relationship between the conflict, environmental degradation and CSR issues as the next section deliberates on the major causes of the conflict.

The revenue allocation formula being adopted by the Nigerian Government has been particularly criticized and rejected by scholars for not reflecting the interests of the people in the Niger-Delta region, where over 80 per cent of the national resource is generated. The restiveness in the Niger-Delta region is attributed to the politics surrounding resource control by the federal government. In the opinion of Ojakarotu (2009, p. 2), the Niger Delta upheaval in relation to revenue allocation has grown from bad to worse by assuming horrendous dimensions in the early 1990s with the emergence of social movements and militant youth groups that became aggressive and started to challenge not only the Nigerian state but also the policies, attitudes, and activities of the multinational oil companies (MNOCs) in the region. The Niger Delta conflict is premised on the laws regulating oil exploration and land ownership, which the Niger Delta militants believe must be abrogated as they do not represent their interests as the host communities (Nna and Ibaba, 2011). Closely related to this view is the argument by Watts, Okonta and Kemedi (2004), stating that at the heart of the struggle for participatory democracy lies in the question of resource control and self-determination. The Niger Delta conflict has been given different interpretations by different ethnic groups, comprising the Nigerian State. Notwithstanding, the divergent interpretations of the Nigerian people on the issue of conflict in the Niger Delta, the people of the Niger Delta tend to be highly passionate about the issue of resource control. It has been observed that, over the years, the people of the Niger Delta have consistently argued at various forums that resource control is the basis of the problems in the Niger-Delta region (Ojakaruotu, 2009, p. 6). He further suggests that as far as the Niger Delta is concerned, resource control is the sine qua non for sustainable peace and development in Nigeria. To corroborate this point Obi (2001, p. 87), argues that the revenue sharing formula being adopted in Nigeria is the major cause of most of the conflicts in the area, and how well the government is able to resolve it would largely determine the peace and development of the region.

Democracy And Electoral Process In Nigeria Politics Essay
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Democracy In Nigeria And Nigerians - GAMJI

Democracy which has multiple of variant of definitions and meanings is believed to have a worldwide acceptance as the best form of government. And if one may argue, the concept has been either imposed or largely accepted as the best form of governance. However, this system of government is characterised by certain shortcomings which are either external or internal. i.e domestic causes and or foreign influences. In the case of Nigeria, the concept of democracy has become difficult to define and this is because, the very factor which qualifies a democracy (free and fair election) has been difficult to achieve in Nigeria.

Democracy In Nigeria And Nigerians

Since independence the country’s democratization processes had witnessed massive electoral fraud followed by violence which has compromised the very ethics of liberal democracy inspite of several electoral reforms that have no positive effect. And this predicament to democratization process in Nigeria has rather been on the increase and there is no evidence of any serious and sincere effort made to stop it from reaching an unwanted level. Virtually, these have been breeding all sorts of violent scenarios to the possible feature of a total anarchy, a situation which some consider Nigeria moving towards a failed state.

Democracy in Nigeria Research Paper - 9860 Words

These predicaments have been a worrisome episode as many politicians particularly those in government resort to the use of threat and violence to pursue their political goals, eg Obasanjo’s “do or die” statement in 2007. Since return to civil rule in May 1999, the country has witnessed more violence with an estimated loss of life of more than 10,000 people (Jega, 2007:255) mostly during the period of elections with some 700 violent election related incidents between November 2006 to March 2007 (Herskovits, 2007:115) and as well more than 300 killed during the 2007 elections alone (Human Right Watch 2007). Thus, bringing the question to what exactly is democracy in Nigeria. Because, democracy in the ideal sense, offers the ordinary citizens the best chance to live under a regime of fair laws enacted in the national interest as opposed to a tyrannical or despotic regime.

Democracy in Nigeria | Nigeria | International …

Former General Olusegun Obasanjo, previously a military ruler of Nigeria (1976-79), was inaugurated President on May 29, 1999, promising "fair and transparent government", and vowing to tackle the difficult legacy of previous military regimes. However, one year on, Nigeria's democracy remains fragile, and, despite some important positive developments, there remain serious challenges to the country's stability and to the new political order.

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