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Environment Essay Titles - IELTS Liz

In this lesson, students explore relevant environmental issues and gather of persuasive essays Example Essay Environmental Issues Example Essay Environmental Issues by reading aloud the sample persuasive Example Essay Environmental Issues essay Should Marine

These merciless damages to Somali's natural environment are legally and morally unacceptable.

In this Chapter, first we presented a fairly comprehensive but by no means exhaustive outline of some of the major Problems of this World. Then we went on to show how the idea that Everyone is God may put in motion a process which leads to the Solution to the Problems of this World. We did this by using the analogy of a row of dominos and ordering our broad problem categories in such a way that showed the interdependencies between them. The dominos and corresponding problem categories were arranged in the order of the most abstract problems of this World first, i.e. in the realm of pure ideas, and the most concrete problems of this World last, i.e. Environmental and Ecological problems. In between we inserted Ideological problems and those relating to the Socio-Economic and Political spheres.

World Environment Day Essay - 1637 Words

The lack of laws to protect the environment is nowhere as evident as in Somalia.

So the first Domino represents the Problems in this World that exist in realm of pure ideas, which will be the sort of problems which vex Scientists, Philosopher and Theologians. This may not seem as relevant or significant as some of the more obvious problems that face humanity and the planet, but as we will show, solving certain key problems in this category and toppling the first domino is the point of power which will bring down the other dominoes and solve the more apparent issues that we are facing today. Continuing our description of our four dominoes corresponding to the four problem categories, our second domino represents the problems of this World to do with Ideology and Belief, which includes the problems of Religion, Morality, Psychology and Human Behaviour. The third domino and problem category has to do with problems of Political policy, Social Organization and Economic Activity. They are the problems of this world relating to how the people of this planet conduct and organize themselves as a whole. This is a large category which includes things like War, Oppression, Over Population, Social injustice etc. The fourth and final problem category or last domino, represents the problems of this World relating to the Environment and our fragile World Ecosystem, i.e. things like Global Warming and destruction of natural habitats etc.

So the process of truly solving the problems of this world, involves a battle in the realm of ideas. If you lose this battle then all is lost. If you can win this battle then everything becomes much easier. Everything including bringing about World Peace, Saving the Environment and World Ecosystem, Prevent a Global Tyranny and creating a better more Just World.

What Can We Do to Save Our Environment Essay - 476 …

There are substantial challenges of environmental concerns in the country, which is far less studied.

In one hand, Somalia is experiencing enormous environmental problems, while on the other hand it is lacking both human and financial resources as well as political stability to address these life affecting issues.

We are caught up, as organic beings, in the naturalprocess through which the earth accepts energy from the sun andthen releases it. There has been life on Earth for at least threeand a half billion years, and over this time there has been aclear and constant evolution in the way energy is used. The firstliving things may have obtained energy from organic moleculesthat had accumulated in their environment, but photosyntheticautotrophs, able to capture energy from sunlight, soon evolved,making it possible for life to escape this limited niche. Theexistence of autotrophs made a place for heterotrophs, which useenergy that has already been captured by autotrophs.

How to Write the Perfect College Essay for the Common Application–A Place or Environment
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Essay sample: How we can help to protect the environment?

Thirdly and lastly, related to a point made earlier, there exists in the World many interpretations which are actively harmful or may actually cause people to contribute to making the problems of this World even Worse. For instance Christian Dispensationalist doctrines where Jesus is expected to literally appear in the sky and lift the born again into a the protective bubble of the ‘Rapture’ at the time of maximal calamity. For part of this doctrine is the idea that Jesus will scorch the earth and remake it anew for the benefit of the faithful when they’re returned to the earth. These ideas, which are widely believed by Fundamentalist Christians, have caused some Fundamentalist Christians to belief that it is not necessary to try to protect the Environment and Ecological systems of the World because Jesus is going to destroy it all anyway. Also some Fundamentalist Christian even believe that Nuclear Weapons exist to allow Jesus to ‘Scorch the Earth’ and see their use , all out nuclear war, as a divine intervention that will be to their benefit. Similar harmful beliefs exist in Judaism where some Jewish Fundamentalists believe that active steps should be taken to rebuild the Temple of Soloman for the Messiah whose arrival is believed to be imminent. A process which would necessitate the destruction of the Dome on the Rock, one of the Holiest sites in Islam, thereby potentially triggering an immense amount of conflict, war and suffering. And in Islam there is the Messianic Hojjatieh Sect which is purported to believe that the coming of Muslim Messiah or the Mahdi, can be hastened by creating as much chaos on the planet as possible. These are examples of how prophecies can be interpreted in such a way as to be harmful and problem promoting.

Write My Essays Today - an essay about our environment

An interesting way to view the solution to the Worlds problems being proposed in this chapter is that of Mazeway Resynthesis. Some explanation is needed here. Essentially the solution we are suggesting is that a tight nexus of closely related ideas centred around the idea that Everyone is God and also a recognition that the Prophecies are Now, can form a powerful unifying doctrine that brings together the major Religions of the World, together with the integration of Religion with Science and Philosophy. It is this unified and all encompassing World view which when expressed as a Political Ideology that is then able to oppose some of the dominant and harmful Ideologies of this World, i.e. Various Religious Fundamentalisms, Scientific Nihilism and Selfish Genes interpretations of Evolutionary theory. This World view we are proposing is really a return of the ancient Perennial Wisdom but expressed in the concepts and language of the 21st Century. Through the adoption of a World view which is intrinsically Spiritual in its nature and orientated towards truer notions of God, then the impact on the Social, Economic and Political life, of this planet, will be dramatic. For it will help to create a One World Order that is Just, Equal, Fair and inherently opposed to the idea of Tyranny and Selfishness. In turn this will also lead to the conditions whereby the Environmental and Ecological problems of this World may effectively be tackled. This is as was discussed earlier in this Chapter. But what then is Mazeway Resynthesis?

Essay environment | Band FM Foz

So it is by tackling the third domino and creating an integrated humanity living in a united World that we will be able to finally, effectively and definitively tackle the monumental, progressive, cumulative and potentially cataclysmic Environmental and Ecological problems that we have in the World today.

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