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The emphatic one is British and Southern American.

The interesting point isthat this is actually a statusaccent here, although regarded as a “hillbilly” accent in the East. When Imoved to Texas 30 years ago and decided to adopt a slightly more local “voice”in my law practice, this was the accent I adopted -- it was the dialect of thesenior lawyers and judges, oil men, and others with whom I wanted tocommunicate. Many of them came from wealthier ranching families in centralTexas and settled in Houston as the first post-war generation of professionalsand white-collar business people. I suspect this is a somewhat dated statusdistinction today, but that dialect still tends to receive something similar tothe automatic credence which an educated English accent used to get in thenortheast.

ºº  vowel is often pronounced as   by Southern Americans and Britishers.

Yes, ever since Mrs. Fields rightly determined that her days of getting on the covers of the Adam and Eve and Victoria’s Secret catalogues were over and she went into the sidewalk-blower bakery business, these evil simulacra of chocolate chip cookies have spread over the American landscape like the Eighth Plague of Egypt. The results are murder, insanity, death and an obesity so monumental that the victims do not so much walk our streets as teeter through them — a threat to passersby, lost pets and unreinforced brick structures.

The emphatic one is British and Southern American.

Classical Southern andAfrican American Vernacular English (AAVE)

American English (and most other varieties of English) has on each syllable of a word, primarystress, secondary stress, or no stress. Only one syllable in the word can haveprimary stress, and this is the syllable that is pronounced with the greatestintensity or loudness. The other syllables can have either secondary stress orno stress. An example is the word “”, pronounced .This word has 8 syllables, divided with hyphens as .It has one syllable with primary stress, , marked with bold and underline in the dictionaryspelling and with before it in the IPA. It hasthree syllables with secondary stress, syllables 1, 3, and 7, marked with boldin the dictionary spelling and with before themin the IPA, and four with no stress, syllables 2, 4, 6, and 8. As is true withmany words in English, especially long ones, every other syllable is weak(unstressed).

The answer to this one is a bit less complicated, but againthe answer is not based on the traditional English alphabet. Most Englishspeakers have 24. (The sound, which is usually spelled inEnglish, is really just a combination of followedby , and was spelled this way in . Most English speakers no longer have thissound, though I and many other older speakers do in many parts of NorthAmerica, and in certain regions, particularly the South, nearly all speakersdo.)

The Cambridge History of English and American …

Most speakers in North America and England (but not Scotland or Ireland), except as specified below.

On the other hand, at least one section of Canada, southernBritish Columbia, was evidently settled mostly by Americans or Europeans, withlittle direct immigration from previously settled areas of Canada, since thecenter of the country was still largely unpopulated, as discussed in the And yet all of these settlers adopted the Canadian raising, and the linefollows the U.S.-Canadian border all the way to the Pacific. Why did thishappen unless at least some people felt that this was a for Canadians?

The Canadian standard dialect is obviously distinct from theAmerican one, and corresponds to what is spoken in most of Canada, excludingthe Atlantic Provinces. The dialect of eastern Ontario or of most of BritishColumbia would probably be considered more standard than the Prairie Provincesand western Ontario, since these are above the bite-bout line, as shown on themap.

Jamestown Interpretive Essays - Indians and English …
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Edited american english essays - Santa's United

: The red vowels are those which many but not allAmericans have, as distinguished from the other vowels. I decided to make the of the group for all but Eastern New England, since for those who make the distinctionit is by far the most common. In other words, for those who say all three thesame, only will be used in the phonemic spelling. However, in Eastern New England it makesmore sense to make the default vowel , because of the way it interacts with a following droppedr; e.g. “wad” and “ward” are pronounced the same in Eastern New England, butnowhere else in the world! They both come out ,which phonemically would be orperhaps .

American English Vs. British English - Essay by …

In stressed syllables (whether primary or secondary) all ofthe Stressed Vowels in the chart above can occur, but in completely unstressedsyllables (weak syllables) in English a phenomenon called occurs. As a result, mostof the vowels in these syllables are weakened or neutralized to the vowel ,and the rest of the vowels are weakened or neutralized to a very small group,listed under “Other Vowels that Can Occur in Weak (Completely Unstressed)Syllables” above. This vowel weakening is a characteristic of English inparticular (though it does occur in other languages as well), but it does notoccur at all in some languages, like Spanish, which makes it especially hardfor English speakers to speak good Spanish or vice versa, since they are eachalways subconsciously trying to apply their own pattern to the other language.

Essay on British English vs. American English - 1966 Words

(I have included the of these vowels in brackets as well. However, keepin mind that the actual pronunciation of a given vowelmay vary greatly from region to region. For example, the vowel is pronounced as , an open front unrounded vowel, in much of the InlandNorth, but is pronounced as , an open-mid backrounded vowel, in England. A whole gamut of vowel sounds in between these twooccurs somewhere in North America: in much of Canada and in some other“cot”=“caught” areas the pronunciation is ,whereas most others use or or something in between. Many other vowels have similar variants. The most distinctiveSouthern pronunciation is shown in a separate column. However, keep in mindthat I have not listed all possible variants for any region.)

English Daily - Learn American idioms, English …

In the above, we sawthat there are a limited number of vowel sounds that can come before at the end of a word, or when the comes before another consonant, and that these are usually “colored” by the , that is, they are changed so that they don’t reallymatch any of the ordinary vowels. (These vowels are also known as “r-controlledvowels”.)Some speakers have as few as 5 of these r-colored vowels in stressed syllables,others have 6 or 7, and this variation is found in both North America and GreatBritain.

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