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That fact is that we drop out from the college for many reasons.

Number 86, Allyx, I totally agree with you. College is not for everyone. There are 300 million people in the United States. Do you think that they ALL go to college and live happy lives? Hell no. College is a choice, and it is up to the American, who has the damn right to drop out or not go to college if they want. Get a job, work, and find what makes YOU happy. Don’t worry about your parents, your friends, or your mentors. Worry about yourself. Only once you are happy can others around you be happy. I plan on dropping out, so call me ignorant, call me pathetic, call me what you will, but in the end, what you say does not matter. In the end, if I am happy, then I need nothing else. Call that selfish, but I call it peace of mind.

We sometimes drop out of the college because of bad friendship.

Hi, I was taking a Bachelor of Arts in English and dropped out because I didn’t feel like paying thousands of dollars for an education that I could easily pick up at the public library.

Fiction: Students who drop out eventually return to college.

Due to this, he used drugs that dropped him out of the college totally.

I have all A’s and have throughout my college career, as well as high school. Thus, when I say this, it is not because I am unable to handle to trivial workload. My big problem with college is that here we are, supposedly rising above the rest, and yet there are about 42,000 students supposedly doing the same. Furthermore, let’s say I stick it out for four years, I will then have the opportunity to work for someone who was smart enough to spend their life developing an idea or career, in stead of conforming and marching to the same beat as everyone else.

Yes, college is not for everyone. However, I believe the ones who drop out of school are the ones who did not plan out, nor made the COMMITMENT in achieving their educational goals.

Why have your peers dropped out of college?

Another reason we drop out of college is that we want to be independent.

There are just too many days when I wake up, realizing that the next choice i make out of my own free will for the day will be climbing back in bed. It takes a lot out of you. The stress is enough to cause you to go borderline insane, and I am not exaggerating in any way. I came to college excited and ready to work hard. Now I am beyond jaded and exhausted. Doors have been closed in my face at every turn. It is defeating.

To sum up my college experience for you in one example, I had a 75 test average and 93 quiz average in calculus. The professor weighted the final exam so heavily that getting a high D on the test brought my grade down below a C. When I woke up early on the first day of summer to figure out what had happened, he barely talked to me and was instead interested in an eccentric meth-head student’s math theories (the student had admitted to me previously that he enjoyed smoking meth. I could not make this up). Unreasonable amounts of hard work, amounted to nothing. I will never listen to anyone who tells me hard work pays off again.

Fact: While 65% of students who drop out plan to return, only about 38% do return.
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It tends to amount to the self-fulfilling prophecyof dropping-out.

Jesus Christ! I have never seen so much god damn whining in my entire life. This is the sad state of American youth. Just man the fuck up and get it done. All the excuses I’ve seen here can be summed up like this “…I’m a whiny fucking crybaby who was coddled my whole entire life and now I’m going to throw a god damn temper tantrum college…”. BTW, Bill Gates came from one of the richest families in the north east. Its not like he was some random bum who quit harvard and built an empire. In conclusion, you whiny fucks, you made a decision so stick it the fuck out.

There are plenty of reasons students dropouts.

I’m not exactly sure about other colleges. But in my college, the work and demanding schedule is far too overwhelming… In order to graduate in 4 years, taking at least 4 courses per semester is an absolute must! You are also required to take at least 2 courses in Summer School. What makes the situation worse is the fact that a few of our subjects are Arabic!

Essay about college dropout statistics ucf application essay samples

It’s half and half with me. I actually go to school and work part time and I make more than enough to pay my bills and still go to school. It depends on how much you like to spend and how you handle your money if you can’t keep money and feel you have to drop out to get more. I do understand that sometimes its stressful, but you have to look at the plus side of the situation as to why you are in college. No, I don’t have any children and I’m not married, but all of my friends have children and they are still great parents who are in school and even have jobs. Its all about time management when you take on other things like school and work.

Essay about college dropout statistics

students flunk out for many reasons. all the above are true. i am in college right now. i got 2 kids that are 2 and 3 years old. i also got a third one due in 6wks. i have tooken semesters off for family issues and perwonal reasons, but i am back and trying again. it is very hard on me right now. but i know im never going to accomplish my dreams without my career degree. thats what keeps me pushing on. knowing i need the money for my kids to have a good life and to do that i have to finish college. i was a dropp out but now im back to try again.

The Idiot"s Guide To Essay About College Dropout Statistics Explained

I have a hard time concentrating for 6 years, taking useless classes I hate for a job i might not like or get. Yet there is nothing outside of college i want to do. I’ve been screwing around for the past two years taking four classes, getting depressed and then dropping half of them…..

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