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Plastic Surgery Discursive Essay

Insisting, I wish to exercise the license that is built into the anti-elitistreading conventions of SF popular cultures. SF conventions invite-or atleast permit more readily than do the academically propagated, respectfulconsumption protocols for literature- rewriting as one reads. The booksare cheap; they don't stay in print long; why not rewrite them as one goes?Most of the SF I like motivates me to engage actively with images, plots,figures, devices, linguistic moves, in short, with worlds, not so muchto make them come out "right," as to make them move "differently."These worlds motivate me to test their virtue, to see if their articulationswork-and what they work for. Because SF makes identification with a principalcharacter, comfort within the patently constructed world, or a relaxedattitude toward language, especially risky reading strategies, the readeris likely to be more generous and more suspicious-both generous and suspicious,exactly the receptive posture I seek in political semiosis generally. Itis a strategy closely alligned with the oppositional and differential consciousnesstheorized by Chela Sandoval and by other feminists insistent on navigatingmined discursive waters.

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[It is said that an] American cannot admit the possibility that democracy should disappear. Any suggestion to that effect causes "bitter resentment." This, I should say, is particularly true of those in whom . . . Puritan and Jewish sentiments are still prevalent. Politics rests on a "Covenant" with God, so that fidelity to a special revealed law and everlasting, prosperity and victory are inseparable. This is what in the book I am now writing, "Dominations and Powers" I call a militant as against a generative society; that is, one intentionally chosen and imposed, rather than one that has grown up by an unintended concourse of circumstances and interests. In this respect democracy is intolerant and totalitarian: that is, it claims exclusive rightness for its system regardless of natural growths and diverse ideals.

Argumentative Essay On Plastic Surgery

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Americanism allows that laissez-faire in moral life which it denies in commerce and industry. Not, of course, that it officially tolerates burglars, murderers, forgers, or adulterers. Legal morality still adheres to the general code of Christendom: but all religions, and therefore all theoretical codes of morals, were to be equally tolerated. The question at once arises, how long, if all moral codes are tolerated, those who hold those views can be restrained from putting them in practice. And what authority can the dominant morality retain? Evidently none: yet it is wonderful how long it has taken the liberal world to discover that it has deliberately abandoned mankind to moral anarchy. It has been only in recent years that the Russian revolution, Madam Caillaux, D. H. Lawrence, André Gide have openly and conscientiously written down robbery, murder, adultery, and sodomy among the inalienable rights of man.

It is much in the same way that social rules relating to crime and to property pass under the aegis of governments and become formal laws. The submission to government is never complete, e.g. property in small articles . . . is not legally controlled within families; and the punishment of many crimes is tacitly left to the art of self-defence, with words, fists, or revolvers. Law sometimes is superseded by the spontaneous actions of judges and juries, pronouncing the legally guilty innocent, or visa versa: then, as in the cases of Dreyfus and Madame Caillaux, strong social instinct or party passion consciously resumes its authority, and disdains legality. It is by no means to be assumed that legality in such a case is the better form of justice. For as in language and religion, so in the matter of crime or property, government introduces an external and often antithetical element. Enactment has taken the place of living social instinct, and the ideals which that instinct projects, which are the sole criteria of justice, may be thwarted rather than helped by that codification. What makes genial illegalities—duels, elopements, honourable perjuries, etc.—dangerous to society is not that they abstract from law—all true morality does so, because it is deeper than law—but that they often express an antiquated or partisan or disruptive ethos; a form of morality doubtless more vital but perhaps more partial than that which the written law has consecrated.

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21. Here and throughout this essay, I play on Katie King's play on JacquesDerrida's Of Grammatology, (1976). See King (1990), and King (in progress),where she develops her description, which is also a persuasive enablingconstruction, of a discursive field called "feminism and writing technologies."

20. For a view of the manufacture of particular organisms as flexiblemodel systems for a universe of research practice, see Barbara R. Jasnyand Daniel Koshland, Jr., eds., Biological Systems (1990). As the advertisingfor the book states, "The information presented will be especiallyuseful to graduate students and to all researchers interested in learningthe limitations and assets of biological systems currently in use,"Science 248 (1990), p. 1024. Like all forms of protoplasm collected inthe extra-laboratory world and brought into a technoscientific niche, theorganic rabbit (not to mention the simulated one) and its tissues havea probable future of a particular sort-as a commodity. Who should `'own''such evolutionary products? If seed protoplasm is collected in peasants'fields in Peru and then used to breed valuable commercial seed in a firstworld" lab, does a peasant cooperative or the Peruvian state havea claim on the profits? A related problem about proprietary interest in``nature', besets the biotechnology industry's development of cell linesand other products derived from removed human tissue, e.g., as a resultof cancer surgery. The California Supreme Court recently reassured thebiotechnology industry that a patient, whose cancerous spleen was the sourceof a product, Colony Stimulating Factor, that led to a patent that broughtits scientist-developer stock in a company worth about S3 million, didnot have a right to a share of the bonanza. Property in the self, thatIynchpin of liberal existence, does not seem to be the same thing as proprietaryrights in one's body or its products-like fetuses

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Persuasive essay plastic surgery

In 1984, to marke nine years of underwriting the National GeographicSociety's television specials, the Gulf Oil Corporation ran an advertisemententitled "Understanding is Everything" (Figure 7). The ad referredto some of the most watched programs in the history of public television--thenature specials about Jane Goodall and the wild chimpanzees in Tanzania'sGombe National Park. Initially, the gently clasped hands of the ape andthe young white woman seem to auger what the text proclaims--communication,trust, responsibility, and understnding across the gaps that have definedhuman existence

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First and foremost, we wish to thank the participants in our study for sharing with us what it means to live with facial difference. The first author would like to thank Sara Rodrigues and Marjolein de Boer for their unflagging support—both in doing and writing philosophy, and in navigating academia and life in general.

Discursive Essay For Cosmetic Surgery

Elsewhere, I have used the term "material-semiotic actor"to highlight the object of knowledge as an active part of the apparatusof bodily production, without ever implying immediate presence of suchobjects or, what is the same thing, their final or unique determinationof what can count as objective knowledge of a biological body at a particularhistorical juncture. Like Katie King's objects called "poems,"sites of literary production where language also is an actor, bodies asobjects of knowledge are materialsemiotic generative nodes. Their boundariesmaterialize in social interaction among humans and non- humans, includingthe machines and other instruments that mediate exchanges at crucial interfacesand that function as delegates for other actors' functions and purposes."Objects" like bodies do not pre-exist as such. Similarly, "nature"cannot pre-exist as such, but neither is its existence ideological. Natureis a commonplace and a powerful discursive construction, effected in theinteractions among material-semiotic actors, human and not. The siting/sightingof such entities is not about disengaged discovery, but about mutual andusually unequal structuring, about taking risks, about delegating competences.14

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matters are direct control of indigenous lands by native peoples; agrarianreform joined to an environmental program; economic and technical development;health posts; raised incomes; locally controlled marketing systems; anend to fiscal incentives for cattle ranchers, agribusiness, and unsustainablelogging; an end to debt peonage; and police and legal protection. Hechtand Cockburn call this an "ecology of justice" that rejects atechnicist solution, in whatever benign or malignant form, to environmentaldestruction. The Forest People's Alliance does not reject scientific ortechnical know-how, their own and others'; instead, they reject the "modern"political epistemology that bestows jurisdiction on the basis of technoscientificdiscourse. The fundamental point is that the Amazonian Biosphere is anirreducibly human/non-human collective entity.32 There will be no naturewithout justice. Nature and justice, contested discursive objects embodiedin the material world, will become extinct or survive together.

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