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Political Suicide in Latin America.

Democracy, of course, derives from the Greek word and literally means the rule of the people. Traditionally, it goes back to one pattern in Greek city states such as Athens and Samos, where for a time citizens (excluding slaves and women) had political power through various forms of direct representation, election officials, and the democratic jury system (see Farrar 1988; Finley 1985; Ober 1989; Sinclair 1988). In the modern period, democracies tend to be representative democracies, based largely on the election of officials into senates, congresses and parliaments (Burnheim 1985; Duncan 1983; Watson & Barbar 1990), and for much of Latin America, the election of the President. On this basis, many of these countries can be said to be procedural democracies, i.e. that have an electoral process and political system that look like a democracy.

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To understand the broad pattern of political development in Latin America, it is necessary to briefly position it against the national and economic development of these countries. Ongoing social, economic, and political changes are to some degree linked: -

Political Suicide in Latin America: And Other … | WHSmith

The United States then continued to integrate with Latin America into its political, economic and military orbit.

And this was the beginning Latin America Colonization Essay of the colonial Latin Latin America Colonization Essay American history. Instead of sailing Factors leading to the Spanish colonization of Latin America. Spain had a

So why are some Latin American Catholics apparently reticent to criticize political movements that have brought such misery to the region? Part of it, I suspect, comes from a healthy desire to ensure that the Church doesn’t get entangled in daily politics. Fair enough. But it may also owe something to particular intellectual currents that have marked Latin American Catholicism in recent decades. Prominent among these has a focus upon el pueblo—“the people”—that has permeated much of Catholic Latin America since the late-1960s.

women are stepping up the political ladder in Latin America, ..

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If On Latin American Independence one says “American Revolution” in the United States today, it is assumed that has animated the South-American provinces to declare themselves independent! The influence of the US revolution in Spanish America can be traced in other ways. . Essay: Essays On Latin American Independence The Declaration of Independence in Global Perspective; Primary

For the Catholic Church, however, the question is what it can learn from populism’s failures. One step forward would be for the Church in different Latin American nations to ask itself some serious questions about the degree to which populist language and preoccupations have shaped its engagement with political and economic issues.

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america essay in latin other political suicide ..

If we are to understand modern Latin America it must be placed in the context of global economic expansion, beginning with the Conquest of the sixteenth century. Within this system, Latin America has occupied an essentially subordinate or "peripheral" position, pursuing economic paths that have been largely shaped by the industrial powers of Europe and the United States. These economic developments have brought about transitions in the social order and class structure, and these changes in turn have crucially affected political change. We thus being with a set of simplified causal relationships: economic changes produce social changes which furnish the context for political change. (Skidmore & Smith 2001, p42)

Latin America’s populist political ..

Certain patterns of political authority had developed in Latin America had developed from the 19th century: either landowners and social elites that keep control of government and create a limited 'oligarchic democracy' (as in Chile), or a tendency for dictator or strongman, often from the army, to seize control in the name of law and order, as the Porfirio Díaz regime in Mexico (Skidmore & Smith 2001, p46). However, through the early 20th century, labour groups and workers begin to able to organise, influence exports, and to claim a greater share in political and economic power, sometimes leading to partial reform, but in other cases to political conflict. In particular, urban, professional middle-class interest in liberal reform (Skidmore & Smith 2001, p51) does not always extend to effective rural reform for peasants (Kay 1999).

Intellectuals exercise enormous political influence in Latin America

3) In a line of thought going back to Immanuel Kant's essay , 'democratic peace' theory suggests that democratic states are unlikely to go to war with each other. On this basis, an entirely democratic Latin America would also be internationally very stable. This theory, once regarded as a truism in international relations, has begun to be challenged in certain cases (see Schwartz 2002; Cederman 2001; De Mesquita 2001). States which are in transition to democracy sometimes experience high levels of nationalism, and unresolved historical claims can sometimes be brought into play politically in discontented states, e.g. in parts of the Caucasus and Yugoslavia where procedural (but otherwise very limited) democracies exist. Likewise, it is uncertain that further democratic reform in Pakistan would end its tensions with India, or that a more democratic China would automatically agree with the United States on the future role of the PRC in world affairs. Democratic states have less internal pressures or domestic benefits from adventurist wars, but may still compete with other democracies economically and diplomatically, and where real interests are at stake might clash violently. Likewise, the democratic peace theory does not deal adequately deal with revolutionary wars, nor civil wars, which are sometimes fought out over differing shades of democratic representation or national self-determination (see Schwartz 2002).

Political turmoil elsewhere in Latin America during the ..

At a deeper level, a democratic country needs not just a democratic procedure, but a range of democratic institutions, a generally democratic culture that is willing to accept opposition and debate, and probably the beginnings of a viable civil society if it is to sustain a balanced democratic system (Nathan 1990; Nathan 1993). The good news is that over the last fifteen years democratic systems has made serious progress in many Latin American countries, e.g. Mexico, Chile and Argentina. The bad news is that the full package needed to support deeply democratic societies that are also stable has not yet been forged across the hemisphere. This can be demonstrated through a brief assessment of Chile and Argentina, drawing in some other secondary examples.

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