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Adjective and Adverbs Essay - 4069 Words

Schoolteachers and lexicographers have generally accepted these parts of speech for the last two and a half centuries. The problem is that some words don’t always fit neatly into syntactical buckets. Is however, for example, an adverb, a conjunction, a conjunctive adverb or just a “transitional expression”? (Answer: it depends on whom you ask.) Other words fit into multiple categories. I can fancy (verb) a pair of leather boots, choose fancy (adjective) high heels, and entertain a fancy (noun) about being chic. Perfect fit or not, the parts of speech still give us a way to talk about words.

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A third means for creating the opposite of an adjective is to combine it with or to create a comparison which points in the opposite direction. Interesting shades of meaning and tone become available with this usage. It is kinder to say that "This is the least beautiful city in the state." than it is to say that "This is the ugliest city in the state." (It also has a slightly different meaning.) A candidate for a job can still be and yet be "less worthy of consideration" than another candidate. It's probably not a good idea to use this construction with an adjective that is already a negative: "He is less unlucky than his brother," although that is not the same thing as saying he is luckier than his brother. Use the comparative when the comparison is between two things or people; use the superlative when the comparison is among many things or people.

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Descriptive paragraphs are assessed for quality of adjectives/descriptive phrases and completeness of paragraph. A simple rubric can be used:

Students' vocabulary is expanded and their writing is enriched when they are encouraged to use a variety of adjectives to help readers "see, taste, and feel" what they've written. In this lesson for grades 3 and 4, picture books are used as a springboard for helping students define, identify, and practice using adjectives and synonyms. They develop webbed lists and then put their new vocabulary skills to use by writing form poems.

Collect both sensory charts and descriptive paragraphs. Assess sensory charts for completeness (each column is filled out for EACH word) and applicability of adjective to sense (for example, ‘crimson’ would NOT apply to the sense of taste).

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Be careful not to form comparatives or superlatives of adjectives which already express an extreme of comparison — , for instance — although it probably is possible to form comparative forms of most adjectives: something can be , and someone can have a figure. People who argue that one woman cannot be than another have never been nine-months pregnant with twins.

It would take a linguistic philosopher to explain why we say "little brown house" and not "brown little house" or why we say "red Italian sports car" and not "Italian red sports car." The order in which adjectives in a series sort themselves out is perplexing for people learning English as a second language. Most other languages dictate a similar order, but not necessarily the same order. It takes a lot of practice with a language before this order becomes instinctive, because the order often seems quite arbitrary (if not downright capricious). There is, however, a pattern. You will find many exceptions to the pattern in the table below, but it is definitely important to learn the pattern of adjective order if it is not part of what you naturally bring to the language.

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Review the section on for a distinction between possessive forms and "adjectival labels." (Do you belong to a Writers Club or a Writers' Club?)

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Consider the uses of modifiers in this adjectivally rich paragraph from Thomas Wolfe's . (Charles Scribner's, 1929, p. 69.) Adjectives are highlighted in this ; , verb forms acting as adjectives, are highlighted in this . Some people would argue that words that are part of a name — like "East India Tea House — are not really adjectival and that possessive nouns — father's, farmer's — are not technically adjectives, but we've included them in our analysis of Wolfe's text.

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Adjectives that are really , verb forms with and endings, can be troublesome for some students. It is one thing to be a child; it is an altogether different matter to be a child. Do you want to go up to your professor after class and say that you are or that you are ? Generally, the ending means that the noun so described ("you") has a passive relationship with something — something (the subject matter, the presentation) has bewildered you and you are confused. The ending means that the noun described has a more active role — you are not making any sense so you are confusing (to others, including your professor).

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